Onboard WGA V8 Supercars ME - Abdulaziz Al-Yaeesh - Round 2, Race 1 - Bahrain - Great Racing Action

http://www.driver-coaching.com - Onboard the Chevy Lumina SC09 of Speeding Saddles driver Abdulaziz Al-Yaeesh in Race 1 of Round 2 of the 2011/2012 Championship. The car was very difficult to drive in Free Practice with the rear stepping at when least expected. We changed the setup which was no better plus he only got a few laps in Quali as a fuel pipe had fractured losing him power. This left Abdulaziz with very little seat time and an 8th on the grid start position. Overniught we discovered the front chassis subframe was bent, nothing could be done so Aziz would have to drive it as it was. Our video begins at the restart (after initial start aborted). Aziz is keeping up well with plenty of close action when the Safety Car is called. After the restart we see some fantastic racing from Aziz to secure a fantastic 3rd place with a car that must have been so difficult to drive. Video is captured on a Video4 setup from Race-Technology. I use this system extensively in my driver coaching where we are able to compare data & video down to minute detail to help the driver improve at a faster rate. http://www.race-technology.com Why not subscribe to my channel for the very best onboard videos on Youtube, over 400 videos already uploaded and new ones posted every week, from race series' and trackdays all over the world. http://www.youtube.com/maxxuk If you enjoy this video please consider adding it as a favorite or giving it a thumbs up :) THANKS.

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