stock 350z vs subari sti

stock Z ..stock sti(turbo) the Z wins.

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Subaru STI vs 350Z

350z Vs Sti Vs GT.
Couople of Sunday runs.

Nissan 350Z vs MazdaSpeed3 vs Subaru STI
***SORRY FOR THE SOUND. YOUTUBE GAVE ME NO CHOICE. I either had to leave the video off or do an audio swap because i had a song in my video. So, once again, I'm sorry.*** Nissan 350Z: -Exhaust MazdaSpeed3: -Short Ram Intake **Stock Subaru STI Song: There is only one song in the video "Whispers in the Dark" - Skillet

Sti vs 350z
2012 subaru sti vs 2007 nissan 350z nismo.