stock 350z vs subari sti

stock Z ..stock sti(turbo) the Z wins.

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stock z vs stock rsx type s
z beat the rsx

Used Nissan 350Z Buying Guide - Common Issues & Problems
Don't forget to subscribe for more car related content! A guide for the common issues to look out for when buying a used Nissan 350Z. These are getting really rather cheap lately, I think you'll struggle to find a better package for the money. However, there are some faults and niggles you need to look out for so I made this buying guide. Links to fixes below: Clicking axles: t/ Bose Sub Fix: Boot Popper Fix: Replacement Fans/Shroud: l Boot Weight Removal: Look out for more car themed videos coming in the future - As well as some more Solidworks car aerodynamic content!

Subaru STI vs 350Z

350z Vs Sti Vs GT.
Couople of Sunday runs.