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Stitts UZS131 Crown Dyno Run

Stitts UZS131 Crown Dyno Run, Toymods Dyno day 16


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2014 New TOYOTA CROWN HYBRID RoyalSaloon G Four - Exterior & Interior
◾️New Channel↓↓↓ https://www.youtube.com/user/kgachapisogame/videos SUBSCRIBE TODAY!! http://bit.ly/1235nCS Hello!! and welcome to Driver's High Channel!! In today's video is 2014 New TOYOTA CROWN HYBRID RoyalSaloon G Four. I'll introduce the exterior and interior. Please enjoy!! Thank you!! ©2014 Driver’s High Channel, All Rights Reserved.

LED Toyota Crown ド派手なトヨタ クラウン Tokyo Midnight Test Drive! 東京首都高速ドライブ Steve's POV スティーブ的視点
Steve has never been to the Tatsumi Parking Area (PA) on a Friday night before. He had no idea he would run into a crazy modified VIP class Toyota Crown. The car is covered in LEDS and strobe lights and has wild customization in and out. スティーブが金曜日の夜の辰巳パーキングエリアを取材 !そこで出会ったド派手にカスタマイズされたトヨタ・ クラウンのオーナー「コウヤ君」に袋とじ付きのフライ デーの雑誌をあげて交渉して、夜の首都高を試乗させて もらうことに。Wide body, huge tires, ridiculous stereo, too many monitors to count, exotic leather, GT-R Exhaust, LEDS everywhere, and much much more... Steve manages to bribe the owner with a dirty magazine to get a test drive on Tokyo's Shutoko - Wangan - Rainbow Bridge!外装もさながら内装もかなり独特にカスタマイズ れたかっこいいクラウンにスティーブのテンションも 高潮! Japanese with English subtitles. 日本語版 英語字幕 music: First song: Skull Fire by Jingle Punks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHpdY69LwJY Second: Lines by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn4IlH5-InU Third: Believe It by Jingle Punks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqTN0GTedjw New Releases Every Tuesday and Thursday 3PM PDT 日本時刻で毎週水曜日と金曜日の朝7時に絶賛配信中! Please visit my sites: スティーブ的視点関連ウエブサイト: Facebook- http://www.goo.gl/d6Plpm StevesPOV Website- http://www.goo.gl/M2Pgc9 Twitter- http://www.goo.gl/AXg9K7 Instagram- http://www.goo.gl/JKv9gs Ebay Store- http://www.goo.gl/lyan1I Ebay Liberty Walk LB- http://www.goo.gl/5LmQmf アメブロー http://www.goo.gl/uUFeLD Youtube- http://www.goo.gl/qJMDvX Steve's POV スティーブ的視点

Stock No.2179 TOYOTA CROWN athlete 2004

Toyota Crown 1978 with rocks exhaust sound
I change the header mechanism to 4-2-2, and make it 2 Exhaust tube. i love the sound, its likes V8 engine :D This is the premium Japannese Car but has a American muscle cars or at least Holden taste! Enjoy, and say hello to me when you meet me on the road.. Viva Classic Car!

Toyota Crown Drift 2「クラウンでドリフト2」
BGM:Adrenalin Electronica Long/Angry Angst Long 2011年4月11日、岐阜県YZサーキット東コースにおいて収録 。カメラはパナソニックAG-HPX175、GH1、ソニーまめカムHD GoPro HDを使用し、GLIDETRACK HD(1M)を併用。ファイナルカットプロ7.03にて編集しま た。 次回はレクサスIS-Fのドリフトを収録予定です。 YouTubeムービー制作します。 http://inlinefour.jp

1995 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon JZS151 2500cc

2014 Toyota Crown Athlete Series A Mission

2014 Toyota Crown Majesta (Official Video)
2014 model year Toyota Crown Majesta - the greatest car in the world!

Выпуск #6. Toyota Crown 180 | Раздув Тест-драйв.
Мини обзор В выпуске краун 180 один из самых редких авто в России так как пошлины давно душат ввоз прулей . Отзывы,комментарии пишите в нашей группе: http://vk.com/razduv89 Снимаем видео тест драйвы автомобилей и не только... http://youtube.com/savitskiyrussia Http://youtube.com/clipclaptv Http://vk.com/clipclaptv

2014 New TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA Four - Exterior & Interior
majesta crown Hello!! and welcome to Driver's High Channel!! In today's video is 2014 New TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA Four. I'll introduce the exterior and interior. Please enjoy!! Thank you!! ©2014 Driver’s High Channel, All Rights Reserved.

TOYOTA CROWN クラウン 8代目・130系 SwperDeiaxe
Always today though it is ZZR600 The seventh TOYOTA CROWN crown generation S130 SwperDeiaxe ..... CM good for prototype to be maintained Impressive advertisement * "It is a crown at one time. " (first term type and latter term type). * "Royal twin cam" (first term type) * "Royal performance" (latter term type)Outline * The name is a meaning of "Crown", and it is used from the founder to a present type also for the emblem of the front grille. * It is a vehicle that gives priority to a Japanese market, and it is used for the state vehicle and a lot of enterprises as a company car. The position of a superlative degree model is borne long in fleet cars of Toyota, and, in general, it is acknowledged as a luxury car so that it is symbolized in the impressive advertisement of "It is a crown at one time". It is often still used from the height of reliability and durability as a business vehicle and special-purpose vehicles such as the taxi hired car, the instruction cars, and patrol cars. * In the imported automobile of this class, there are Mercedes Benz C class, E class, BMW・5 series, and Audi and A6. * The car-body shape also had had the estate car and the van before now though was only a sedan. It becomes a sedan with the sash with externals similar to the hardtop from the S170 faction though four Doapirardohardotopp that it gives priority to the bodice tile and the frame of the door is omitted was a main current before. The body is supplied in the frame of five number size and a medium taxi besides this based on X80 faction mark II, and there is a model of crown sedan that makes the crown comfort, equipment, and exterior and interior that values durability and the running cost enhancement. In the former, the model only for the business car and the latter such as taxis are chiefly for the state vehicle and the owner-driver taxi. S120 the seventh generation faction(-1987 1983) * It appears in September, 1983. It is famous that Koji Ishizaka recited impressive advertisement "It is a crown at one time" by the narration of CM 5. When putting it on the market, the full-page ad of the crown was serialized to the morning newspaper paper. o The body variation is abolished two door hardtop, and becomes three bookstands of four door sedan, four door hardtop, and wagon/van. o The feature of the styling is to process it the resin around C pillar where both the sedan four-door hardtops are called "Crystal pillar". o "Royal salon G" of the highest class grade appeared, a royal salon and a super-salon of five numbers equipped with 2000DOHC were set, and the grade that took up various topics was developed. Moreover, "S package" with the chassis of a sporty type is set as a package option. o ..independence.. ..rear wheel of the first crown.. was given to the DOHC engine car. * The engine of a senior grade (royal salon G and royal salon) changes from 2800cc to 6M-GEU type of 3000cc in August, 1984. o 2L-THE (automatic car) adds it to the diesel. The door mirror also changes to a manual Catao type at the same time. * In the minor change in September, 1985, the car (Became a car equipped with the first Supercharger in Japan) equipped with 1G-GZEU type engine of 2000ccDOHC engine + Supercharger joins, and the car equipped with the M-TEU type of the SOHC turbo abolishes it. The door mirror also changes to an electric Catao type at the same time. o The face lift of exterior and interior is executed, and fog lamp 6 of five number car moves to the front grille. Three number car of four door hardtop moves the emblem of "Crown" from the top of the grill to the center. * As the special edition, "Eclair" continues to the predecessor only as for the first term type and it sets it. The name of "Athlete (Athlete)" that becomes a sporty grade back the first appears at this time. 1G-GZEU is installed in the latter term type based on the super-selection though 1G-GEU was installed in the first term type based on a super-edition. It equips it with both reception desk spoilers and special suspensions. * "Super-deluxe" adds the business car model of LPG specification to a superlative degree grade.

2013 New TOYOTA CROWN Athlete HYBRID - Exterior & Interior
SUBSCRIBE TODAY!! http://bit.ly/1235nCS Hello!! and welcome to my channel!! In today's video is 2013 New TOYOTA CROWN Athlete HYBRID. I'll introduce the exterior and interior. Please enjoy!! Thank you!! ©2014 Driver's High Channel, All Rights Reserved.

120系クラウン保護協會 昭和86年新春お年玉企画!!
年末年始の大忘年会時にオタメシで製作してみました。    <MS123HT改 AT⇒五速MT> ・オーナー  岡山のYAMA ・監督、撮影 懲りない父 ・助手、技術 よっぴー

VIP Club Volume 2 - Teaser
VIP Club Volume 2 - Teaser. Enjoy this short excerpt.

Japanese Nostalgic Car→ NICE OLDCROWN IN JAPAN!! M$60
2006年12月16日、ダミアン塾長、来崎! Japanese Nostalgic Car  Own cars of bosses of Crowns of those who love about old Toyota car of Japan

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