How to build the bottom end of a Rover V8 Engine

Here we walk you through building the bottom end of the Rover V8 engine, courtesy of the V8 Wizard.

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Range Rover V8 Acceleration 0-100 / 0-200 / Top Speed Test
testdrive with the Land Rover Range Rover 4x4 V8 Sport with fast acceleration 0-100 and top speed. Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration TV Channel 2014. We drove the third-generation Range Rover - MK III. The vehicle is powered by a 4.4l V8 engine and produces 360hp at 6500 rpm and 440Nm of torque. It is a engine which was purchased from BMW. This proved to be problematic, so the BMW V8 was later replaced by a series Jaguar unit, available with compressor (Supercharged). If you like this video, then please visit my youtube car channel "Car Acceleration TV" for best sound, drive & grip, acceleration 0-100 and top speed videos, american muscle cars, video review, classic cars, tuning and much more. or subscribe

Mini CNC 4-axis and Miniature Chevrolet V8: Super Sound!!

Land Rover V8 Cylinder Leak / Crack
2 pin-hole leaks in an aluminum 4.6L V8 out of a 2003 Land Rover Discovery II. Block pressure-tested up to 60psi without leaks when liners/sleeves were in. After removed sleeves/liners, the leak appeared. I'm glad I didn't try to run the engine like that thinking it was just a head gasket leak!

Land Rover 3.5 v8 no exhaust
Land Rover 3.5 v8 engine for in the malahini speedboat. Project still in progress.