CNC Cylinder Head porting and CNC Engine Blocks on the SAME Machine!

CENTROID ENGINE SHOP CNC Machining Center. 3 Machine tool in 1. CNC port cylinder heads and Blueprint and CNC machine engine blocks AND produce all kinds of CNC parts using the same machine.

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HYPNOTIC Video of Extreme CNC Machine in Action Manufacturing Complex Part: WFL MillTurn M120
Amazing video featuring the WFL MillTurn Technologies M120, lathe-machining a complete aero-space part as part of a demonstration of capability. WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH&Co.KG is one of the leader in suppyling large field of complete machining. Video credit: MARTECH Machinery & Automation , Post-production by Extreme Machines Magazine Sector of activity: CNC Machine Tools About Extreme Machines Magazine: Extreme Machines Magazine is a website and also a YouTube Channel. From the giant car companies to the small craft company, we want to share the most interesting industrial processes around the world in a fun way. You are a professional or simply a fan, don't forget to subscribe us and visit our website ! Contact us: DISCLAIMER: If you have a problem or a suggestion with some of our content, please contact us with the email contact provided in the channel description.

EMUGE-FRANKEN Hochleistungswerkzeuge im Einsatz EMUGE-FRANKEN High-performance tools at work...

CNC Cylinder Head Repairs
15D CNC Ported Racer Pro Hd Repairs . These Hds are Australian designed . They flow as good as any 15D hd and are a superb casting for modifying.

Are CNC-Ported Cylinder Heads Worth the Money? - Engine Masters Ep. 6
Topping your engine with a set of aftermarket cylinder heads is a near-certain method for making more horsepower and torque—but is the extra power really worth the money? In this episode of Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL, we answer that question for people who are running a typical street-cruising small-block Chevy V8. We start with a very common, 440-horsepower, 383ci stroker engine using production Chevy Vortec iron cylinder heads and swap them out for a set of CNC-ported aluminum heads. Naturally, they make more power at nearly every single point in the power curve, so you’ll have to watch the video and see the full graph to decide if this is an upgrade that’s worth it for you. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook - & Instagram @EngineMasters