twincharged ca18det supercharged gt3076r turbo toyota corona

ca18det, Garrett gt3076r 0.63 rear, Volvo 250Hp truck Supercharger, 'The Blower Shop' blower pulleys bolted to 'Ross Metal Jacket Tuffbond' harmonic balancer, Tial 44mm wastegate with 2" screamer pipe, 3" Exhaust from V-band dump pipe, Haltech E8 fuel and ignition computer, 770cc injectors, arias forged pistons, stock rods (damn), turbosmart B.O.V, blower by-pass valve(s), 600x300x75 F.M.I.C, 4.11:1 LSD, 265 rears on 15" chaser rims, silvia dash, CA18DET 5 speed, 5 puck ceramic clutch, LHS Boost gauge = turbo outlet, RHS Boost gauge = inlet manifold.

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twincharged ca18det twincharger ca18zt GT3076R Toyota Corona supercharged turbo engine rebuild.wmv
Series of pictures that shows the engine build process. The last motor was standard except for forged pistons. This motor was built by Mick at Micks Motorsport in Greenacre, NSW, Australia and has: Aries forged pistons, Spool forged H-beam rods, ACL race bearings, ARP head studs, O-ringed block, copper head gasket, Tomei Procam 270IN/EX Duration 8.8mm Lift cams, Tomei valve springs, Supertech titanium valve spring retainers, adjustable cam gears, Gates performance timing belt, new Nissan oil pump. From this point, i bolted on all my old gear: Standard inlet manifold, 770cc injectors, custom steam-pipe Exhaust manifold, Garrett GT3076R with 0.63 ex housing, Tial 44mm external wastegate with 2" pipe, Volvo fire-engine? 250hp Supercharger, 'The Blower Shop' Gilmer style pulleys, 3" Exhaust system with Boost actuated 2 1/2" Exhaust by-pass, standard S13 5-speed with Extreme 5-puck brass button drag clutch. I also re-did the intercooling piping and blower by-pass valve, removed about 1 metre of pipe, fitted a new PWR Intercooler (1), and an ebay Intercooler (2), plumbed back the blow-off valve into the turbo inlet, fitted a box over the pod filter, and Matt black painted everything. The air path and plumbing path is the same as the 'Lancia Delta S4', so if you Google image that, you will know my system. We left the run-in tune at 280hp @ wheels, with the blower set at around 12psi (it can go to 20psi, adjustable via a turbo-smart bleed valve on the blower by-pass valve actuator line picking up pressure on the blower outlet pipe), and set the turbo at 19 psi via Haltech Boost control on Tial wastegate (it will be set at 28psi when i go to E85 and I.D 2000 injectors, plus we will dial in the cams). Its easy and fun to drive as no lag, and has a very linear torque curve from around 2500rpm up to 8000rpm. It sounds unique as combination of blow-off valve sound, waste-gate chatter, turbo whistle, screamer pipe, blower whine, and Exhaust by-pass noise ...

CA18DET Variable Twin Turbo Start up
for up to date progress on the car have a look at my Facebook Page: i have to give credit to twinchargedca18 for the cool idea with the bypass valve and turbo actuator. quick explanation of the setup down below. thanks for your patience and sorry for the long wait on another video guy's i really wanted to get this setup done with out having to work around a camera, only a few jobs left to do before tune time which it badly needs in this video with all the new mods, the manifold is very responsive considering injectors are 70% further away from the flange plate on this manifold so the injector timing will be way out and a larger throttle body with a different type of throttle position sensor which will probably need re calibrating on the ecu. on the Exhaust side, - Exhaust air flows through a Garrett gtx2860 then into the gtx3076, 2x 60mm turbosmart waste gates flow Exhaust around the gtx2860 turbo and into the gtx3076 when a desired Boost pressure is obtained then a final 60mm waste gate controls overall Boost pressure for the 3076, - Air intake runs through the air filter through the gtx3076 turbo then into the gtx2860, the air coming out of the small turbo plumbs into the bottom of the Intercooler then into the intake manifold. the small turbo should create Boost quickly when the small turbo has ramped up to around 12-13psi the big turbo will have all the air it needs to build whatever Boost pressure the Boost controller is set to (17psi and higher) when the big turbo has reached a higher pressure then the 2 60mm waste gates spring pressure (ones sending Exhaust gasses around the small turbo) the throttle body on the Intercooler then starts to open up. as the Boost pressure climbs higher the valve opens up more the actuator that controls the bypass valve gets its pressure on the alloy pipe brass fittings fitted in between the large turbo's outlet and the small turbo's inlet, the small turbo should start to loose energy due to the 2 waste gates opening up as the gtx3076 is now working all by it's self and is continually building Boost. -the Intercooler is plumbed up like the old one coolant flow's from the radiator after being cooled down then through the Intercooler and into the motor then back to the radiator. the Intercooler's core has 2x the surface area as the old one so a much lower pressure drop across the core should be gained.

Prime Garage CA18 180SX drag car on the street
This video originally appeared on the HPIv5 DVD as a bonus track. Theo Spartalis takes a ride in a very impressive street drag 180SX built by Prime Garage. The CA18 runs a TD06 turbo and sequential gearbox.

procharger and turbo civic