Megan Exhaust - 1995 Nissan Maxima


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Maxima Exhaust
a couple easy revs. never went WOT. Stock intake box Frankencar Midpipe OBX 3-2-1 Long Runner Headers Custom 2.5" y-pipe 2.5" Testpipe Custom 2.5" Catback Magnaflow 14" resonator Magnaflow?? muffler (unknown)

Nissan Maxima Runs Rough , Now It will spin the tires
1995 Nissan Maxima Runs Rough. Sorry , I know I should of filmed it running before i started , but i do show you what i did to fix The Nissan. This Nissan Maxima had a misfire under acceleration. The Maxima also would at times run so bad it would hardly move .The intake boot was torn and letting un metered air in. The Nissan Maxima Intake Boot would open up where torn when the engine moved around . The Nissan Maxima also had bad spark plug wires , they had holes in them . There is also a tip on getting tight spark plugs out with out hurting the threads. After the Spark plug wires , spark plugs , and intake boot was changed on this 1995 Nissan Maxima , it seems to run well. Car repair, Wtbm123 cars Nissan Maxima Runs Rough , Now It will spin the tires

How To Upgrade Your Exhaust System Sound For FREE | [WARNING: ILLEGAL AND SILLY]
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Maxima 1995 exhaust.
Secret weapon air intake, 1995 nissan maxima