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Monster Jam World Finals 18 25th Aniversary Encore!
Insane Encore done after Ryan Anderson won racing, 25 years!!! All rights go to FELD

Monster Jam World Finals XVIII Full Racing Show 2017
Monster Jam Las Vegas March 24, 2017

Monster Jam Racing World Finals 2017
Monster Jam World Finals XVIII Racing from Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. 3-25-2017.

2017 Monster Jam World Finals XVIII RYAN ANDERSON wins Racing Championship in Las Vegas
Spectacular Finale of Racing Championship in Las Vegas! Ryan Anderson driving Son-uva Digger wins 2017 Racing Championship at Monster Jam World Finals XVIII in Las Vegas on Mar 24, 2017. After Grave Digger vs Son-uva Digger Racing Finale we can’t wait to see what happens in Freestyle competition today. Get more news from World Finals at and watch Full Coverage of 2017 Monster Jam World Finals on FOX Sports 1. Watch other Monster truck videos: Check out The Best of 2015 World Finals XVI Freestyle: The Best of 2014 World Finals XV - 2014 Monster Jam Las Vegas Flashback: Playlist: Monster Jam World Finals: Monster Jam Events: Subscribe to see more Monster Jam videos from MONSTER JAM INSIDER: