Heel and toe driving technique , left foot braking

Some driving techniques

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TC2000 Colombia Heel and Toe Shifting Technique Left-foot braking - Punta y Taco
TC2000 Colombia Mazda3 Melkin Marin Escuderia Cali Tc Vehiculo protegido por Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10w-60 Tecnica de manejo de competicion Heel and Toe Shifting Technique

Left foot braking - by Autocar.co.uk
Just what is and why do left foot braking?

Best Racing 'Heel and Toe' Shifting
Russel Ingall at Ipswitch (Queensland Raceway) 2005 onboard lap.

BTCC 2011: Amazing Pedal Cam showing left foot braking technique
Awesome onboard pedal cam with Andrew Jordan in his Vauxhall Vectra during the second race at Thruxtion 2011. Showing the footwork of a racing driver. Interesting to see the dragging and dabs on the brake before corners.