Plymouth Duster twin turbo

First time out in 4 years!

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Plymouth Duster ´73 twin turbo
Test run

Boosted Inc. Duster Vs. Cobra Vs. Lighning
Another Boosted Inc. video showing what street racing is all about Feb. 25th 2009. $6000 Duster Vs. Twin turbo Modular Lightning Vs. Centrifugal Cobra. The results may surprise you

Procharged Duster
Still got some tuning to do but I happy with my first pass in my Duster. Big thanks to Steve Morris Engines and Jake's Performance Fabrication...

Twin Turbo Duster Shakedown
new sdce k 4 sdce twin turbo best mph and et! 1200 flywheel hp, 1041 rear wheel hp, sdce 382 cubes horsepower happens here!