Tritin Multimedia: Up2NoGood Pathogen V6 3800 Series II

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GM 3800 Series II tribute
Tribute To GM's 3800 Series II engines...

3800 Camaro v6 TSP Rumbler
** READ DESCRIPTION LOTS OF IMPORTANT INFO** TSP Rumbler Exhaust on a 95 3800 Series II Camaro. Video doesn't do the Exhaust sound any justice, very loud and very deep as far as a v6. You will not get a v8 sound out of this. If you want an Exhaust system that is comparable to running open headers, this is definitely the Exhaust for you. Set Up is the stock manifolds going into the stock y pipe down to the 3" Magnaflow/Catco Catalytic Converter welded in by Muffler Bros, and then an s-pipe into the tsp rumbler. **This Exhaust system is made for an LS1, so make sure that you know, this will not just bolt straight on where your old system was. You will need to make some modifications to connect it.** For the best results from this Exhaust, I highly suggest having a muffler shop put it on. We put it on at the house and used random piping to get it to fit, and many problems started to occur, so when we had the catalytic converter put on, we had them redo the piping and weld it all together. When I got it back, it sounded a lot better, and had mellowed out a little bit.

3800 race ready rebuild
Tired of blowing up l26 blocks. Rebuilding a race ready L32 Machine work by Thorsen's Racing Engines 100% balanced to 1/2 gram Clevite bearings throughout reconditioned rods to fit ARP rod bolts Oil passages drilled in the lifter valley balance shaft removed and oil passage sealed hasting piston rings

2001 Buick Park Avenue Series 2 3800 Tips & Fixes
The series 2 3800 is almost invincible with proper engine maintenance. If you have a car with one of these engines, i know my way around it and can help if you need it.