Custom Vibe (Winter version)

My 03 Vibe with a couple mods ;).

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Pontaic Vibe 03-07 Tapping noise from passenger side HOW TO FIX !
this video is a un-edited how to repair sound noise coming from passenger side dash that sounds like a tapping or clicking noise. on 2003 2004 2005 2006 and 2007 Pontiac Vibe. toyota matrix is the pontaic vibes brother and this may work for it too, do some research Part info: ACDelco 15-72794 GM Original Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning Air Inlet Door Actuator Manufacture #15-72794. OEM # 88970277 In 2014 its roughtly a $40. part, You may have read that you dont need to replace the acuator, all you have to do is oepn up the acuator and spin the plastic gear 180* be its just the teeth that broke off on one side. i personally would not suggest this its only a matter of time before that side breaks too. also the clips to open it up break off very easily, dont be that cheap, pleaee just get a new part! Tools needed: #2 phillips screw driver small flat head screw driver 1/4 drive with 7/32' (socket or smaller) 7/32" wrench estimated time: 30 minute PRO Mechanic 1 hour Intemediate Mechanic 1.5 hour Newbie Mechanic My guess on a mechanics qoute for part and install would be about $85 for the part and $70-$100 for US labor. I hope this video can save you some cash, please like and subscribe for more how repair videos on Pontaic Vibe. thanks for watching!

VIBE 1.8 GT 2003 VS VIBE 2.4 GT 2009
St-eustache mercredi le 11 juillet 1/8 mile cam inside vibe GT 2003 2ZZ-GE K&N intake Magnaflow cat-back Cat delete VS Vibe gt 2009 2AZ-FE

Sound Deadening Pontiac Vibe and Matrix
Quick overview of adding sound deadening to a Pontiac Vibe. Shows door and hatch area teardown and basic tips. Video shows one door, the other three doors are roughly the same. Car was 2005, but applies to 2003-2008 Vibe and Matrix. Overall it gets rid of some resonance in the doors and back, but depending on your budget other enhancements may provide a better return on your audio system. Probably invested $250 in material for this project and 5 + hours. This was only the 2nd time I had done this, but wanted to show how the Vibe and Matrix came apart for those wanting to do the same.

04 Pontiac Vibe with Ractive exhaust!
04 Pontiac Vibe with a Ractive Exhaust!