What is Nudism?

"Vita Nuda" is a group of young adult nudist who are looking for other nudists 18-35 who want to be a part of this nudist movement. What is nudism? Here is our answer.... Join The Nude Revolution!! www.VitaNuda.com

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Swedish nudist camp victim of shocking attack 2013

Kahlan & Richard - HQ river scene
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Day Two: The Making-of Amber Doll
In 2007, I commissioned the production of a life-like sex doll, a RealDoll, made of a posable PVC skeleton and silicone flesh, in my exact likeness. My doll, Amber Doll, began as a Styrofoam print-out of a digital scan of my head. Her face was then custom-sculpted and later combined with the doll manufacturer's existing, "Body #8" female doll mold. After completing, "The Making-Of Amber Doll" and "Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony" (both 2007), Amber Doll and I went on to disrupt wedding receptions, roller-skating rinks, football tailgating parties, theme parks, and adult industry conventions. In the resulting series, "To Have, To Hold, and To Violate: Amber and Doll," ideas surrounding agency and objectification are questioned, as are ideas about the success or failure of negotiating power through one's own participation in a cultural narrative that declares women as objects. My work with Amber Doll, herself a literal object, deals with such themes through an oftentimes-complicated feminist lens. Similar concerns emerge in my series, "The Feminism? Project" (2006). The script for each video in the series was generated from interviews with women across the state of Iowa on the subject of feminism.

Natalia Oreiro, Sos Mi Vida, juegos peligrosos
Natalia Oreiro en Sos Mi Vida, Capítulo 39, Quique está loco de deseo por Constanza y Coni lo mira con ojos llenos de lujuria, cada vez que se encuentran se desata la pasion entre ellos. Capítulos completos de Sos mi vida con Natalia Oreiro, Carla Peterson (Guapas) y Facundo Arana aquí http://goo.gl/UiZKCY Sigueme en Facebook aquí http://goo.gl/VoB1Ri Sigueme en Google Plus aquí http://goo.gl/LwHTvX Sigueme en VK aquí http://vk.com/id267824398 Sigueme en Twitter aquí http://goo.gl/Ko9JP1 y no olvides suscribirte al canal aquí http://goo.gl/VEjDsB ME GUSTA y COMPARTE :)