Jens Eklund Audi S4 engine dyno 2008

Jens Audi Engine makes 943hp

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Gold town summer nats 2014 Jens Eklund
Jens eklund körningar under helgen

Audi R8 5.2 V10 Dyno test at GMG Racing
Audi R8 5.2 V10 on Dyno undergoing testing at GMG.

Jens Eklund 800HP+ Audi S4 @ Tullinge 2006 - (First 9.xx sec)
Good work, Jens ;)

Radical Ridin - EM Tierp 2014 Jens Eklund Audi A5
Radical Ridin are proud to show and support Jens Eklund and his Worlds Fastest Audi A5! This thing produce over +1300hp.. and sure is absolutely stunning to look at. Links for more info below: