FOR SALE 1997 Eagle Talon ESI with rebuilt motor $1600 in parts.

This Is my 1997 Eagle Talon For sale on Craigslist.

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My 1997 Eagle Talon (After)
my car wit the mods. more to come

The RED DEMON - 8 Second Talon
The Boostin' Performance RED DEMON dominating the Gangster class at KOTS X... This car is NO JOKE, nearly 1000hp to the wheels and with low 8 second E/T's... it's no wonder it KILLED the game and finally represented the AWD cars at KOTS! Congrats on the win guys.

Eagle Talon esi Up date
I dont know how to flip the video, it was done on a smart phone, but its just to show a little of what I have done with my eagle so far... Full catback Exhaust bought off ebay, other than its really loud havent had any problems. Bought the JDM Prom M obd II plug n play chip, it actually made a difference in low end tq... At the moment the car needs a new head, sound like lifters are f*&*&*% so it wont start, but when I get the money up to fix that I will post more videos of my ride thanks for watching

Eagle Talon/Eclipse Turbo 420a Project Build
My 97 Eagle Talon ESi-T during my project build. Still have alot to do!! IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS JUST LET ME KNOW!!