FOR SALE 1997 Eagle Talon ESI with rebuilt motor $1600 in parts.

This Is my 1997 Eagle Talon For sale on Craigslist.

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My 1997 Eagle Talon (After)
my car wit the mods. more to come

Eagle Talon Acceleration 22psi 20g TSi AWD
Just a brief pull I did from 35-115mph in my old 92 tsi awd. Fully stock motor. Stock block stock head. Stock trans. stock manifold and maf. just tuned on 91 pump gas when i didnt know hardly anything about what i was doing. car ran 12.7@107 on this setup I was bored and just made the vid for shits and giggles. Yes I know its really shaky. Sorry my camera mount wasnt with me and shifting/driving/recording = a pita.

WR250R with Yoshimura RS2 exhaust pipe muffler
This is my 2008 WR250R with a Yoshimura RS2 Exhaust on it. Just thought i would upload it to give you guys an idea of the sound/look of it. I think it sound GREAT. Totally would recommend it to anyone even though i havent heard any of the other pipes(fmf powercore 4, Q4) for the WR250R in person. But as far as mods have the normal AIS , EXUP, Flapper removed. Have a K&N filter comeing in. And havent order a power programmer yet.(plan to) Let me know what you guys think rate, comment subscribe.

Yamaha WR250R w/Yoshimura RS2 Pipe
I just got done ordering on on the internet. Noticed that not many people have them. What are you guys input on them?