Cop Screws with Slow Driver in the Fast Lane

When you have authority, abuse it whenever possible.

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Cop with Advanced Driving Skills
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Brake checking a cop...
"KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS" IS THE LAW IN CERTAIN STATES! While riding the left lane for no apparent reason this van was approached from behind by a sheriffs patrol car (clearly marked lights on top, black &white etc.), after blocking my way for several miles...I moved to the right as I saw the police cruiser approach figuring he would surely move over for the cop ...The van either didn't see the cop car at first or decided he wasn't going to pull to the right for him either (which is the travel lane for those who still cant grasp that concept) I was becoming more and more amused by this and decided to start recording with my dash-cam. The cop was not amused so he flashed his lights to the van several times, started riding the rumble strip and tailgating (note the weather...) The van driver for whatever reason decides it would be a good idea to brake-check the cop!!! And so it goes for quite a while until van guy pulls to the right lane as I'm contemplating going an extra exit or 2 to follow the unfolding saga...but as the cop starts to pass the van (I'm in the exit lane already) the most wonderful thing happens... (Sullivan County, New York, Route 17, exit 109) A recent link: ucate-left-lane-drivers/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_FOX_17

Police Tackling Non-Compliant Teenagers
May 27th 2017 Taunton, Somerset England - Video of cops tackling teenagers during altercation sparks probe The incident, was filmed by one of the teens involved in the scuffle Avon and Somerset police said: “We’re aware of a video posted on Facebook which shows officers detaining and arresting a number of people in Taunton. “While we welcome and expect public scrutiny when officers are out serving our communities, we also ask people not to jump to conclusions without knowing the full facts. “At 5.29pm today we responded to a report a woman was being assaulted in Victoria Park. “On arrival a large group of young people refused to co-operate with officers and five people between the ages of 15 and 34 were subsequently detained on suspicion of affray. “The 18-year-old assault victim we were originally called to assist is currently in hospital receiving treatment for a number of injuries. “An investigation is now underway and we’d ask people not to speculate while it takes place. “Body worn video was worn by officers during the incident and will be reviewed as part of the inquiry. “We expect the highest level of professionalism and diligence from all our officers and staff when on duty.”

Maryland State Trooper draws gun on speeding motorcyclist
Unmarked Maryland State Trooper, in plainclothes, draws gun on speeding motorcyclist Officer Joseph David Uhler