Lexus XS-F (Installed: XS Power D2400 AGM Battery )

**INSTALLED: XS Power D2400 AGM Battery** I have a nice, clean sound system planned for this car...i am just waiting on one piece to arrive, the Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3. While i wait, i might as well get started and install my XS power battery. Do you have a Lexus is250, 350 or an F? The D2400 fits GREAT, as you can see in the video.Hit up if interested in a battery like this for your ride. Or any other ride for that matter! Extremely fast shipping. Information on xs power can be found at The current upgrades to my ISF are: Custom 3piece Wheels by AZA Pirelli P-Zero Nero 20x10 285/25/20 Rear - 20x9 225/30/20 Front Takeda CAE ISSforged Cat Back Exhaust System (Stainless) KW-V3 Coil Overs (2" Drop) Circuit Motorsports Front Adjustable Camber BAlljoints Figs Engineering Rear Control Arms Figs Engineering Rear Toe Links Custom Painted Brakes XS Power D2400 Battery Windows Tinted Tail Lights Smoked Also, Don't forget to check out my website! Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio & custom car websites on earth! More to come! Facebook Page here: Follow:

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Lexus ISF 7,000 Watt Sound System Install Video 6 - It Lives! RF 3sixty.3 OEM Integration
See the build pics here: stem-install-3sixty3-finished-rgb-led-strips-done-62412/page__pid__2067944_ _st__60#entry2067944 THIS SYSTEM IS NOT DONE. This is progress video not finished video :) Subscribe to see what i do next! Dont forget to check out video 1 Video 2 here: Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio websites on earth! More to come! Facebook Page here: Follow:

Lexus IS250 Battery Swap - XS Power D2400 AGM
today i installed my new battery from XS power. After seeing how wimpy the stock battery was, i had to order up a better one, just to be safe. It fit perfectly in the stock location and looks really nice sitting there. Hit up my website for more info! Lots of the members of my message board run XS power batteries as well.

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition - Test Ride Lexus ISF + Dog Fight Triple Monitor Gaming PC
click here to see the actual camera: -got-mine-pics-inside/ Just test driving the new GoPro Hero 3. Its got wifi and an Iphone App so i can see and control the camera remotely. Here in this video, i take you for a ride to my shop and back. While at the shop you can see the other project i have been working on - (click here to see the PC being built and its contents) thanks for riding with me! I will do more video's with better outside shots while rolling but this is just a test run. Check out the sound system install here: tem-install-mechman-270a-alternator-installed-page-5/ Chicken Hill Project (songs used) is available here: and Itunes! Dont forget: Follow my Twitter @ : Facebook Fan Page:

Father & Son System Install - Proven Power Upgrade - Mechman Elite 370a 6 Phase Alternator
SMD Products available here: See all the pics/progress here: ukon-a-rockford-fosgate-sound-system-install-new-battery-big-3-wiring-etc-1 1414-ubl-all-pics-no-chat/ A stock alternator is typically OK for the amount of power he is running, but even so, you can still benefit from a higher output alternator. Also, when he is ready to upgrade, he will already be ahead of the game! Thanks for watching! Equipment: (1) Apple Ipad Mini (1) Sony CD / Bluetooth H.U. (1) Rockford Fosgate P1000.1 (1) Rockford Fosgate P300.2 (2) Rockford Fosgate P3 12" Subwoofers (1) Set Rockford Fosgate Power T2652-s (1)SMD TM-1 (temp monitor/fan controller) (1)SMD VM-1 Volt Meter (1) SMD OM-1 Output Meter SMD RCA's SkyHigh and XS Power Cabling (1) XS Power D3400 Battery (1) Mechman Elite 370a Alternator (and more T.B.D.) Also, check out my other pages: Instagram: Facebook Page here: Follow: