Paco's LS7 Truck

Was chillin at Street Side Performance earlier and got to video Paco's truck for a minute

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paco ls7 vs lil red
paco ls7 vs lil red express cummins 2nd run Nitrous back fire from pacos truck.

paco ls7 vs bigblockvette
some action going down

LS7 Chevy Silverado with a little N2O
G-Force Custom N2O Camshaft G-Force Custom Tune LME Ported LS7 Heads Street Scene Custom N2O Kit

Tribute to Paco Montalvo's LS7 SILVERADO SS
Tribute to Paco's 427 LS7 Silverado SS remembering the beast r.i.p LS7 subscribe and follow me on Instagram📷 DESMADRE TV