Starting the Rally Car V 2.0

Starting the Integra rally car for the first time since last August. New motor, new suspension, new wiring and a new plan. Twice as good, half the power, twice the fun. There is still more to do, but with plenty of time before the next rally and the car already running, we're the most ahead of the game in years. Track is White Picket Fences by Airtone from CCMixter.

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Spring Update - Transmission Rebuild
We tear apart the motor we smoked at Lake Superior Rally, and begin rebuilding our new close ratio gearbox from M-Factory. Fitz the crazy Jamaican helps out and talks funny.

Box Truck Dead Batteries (Again)
The box truck has crappy batteries. They've been mostly dead for quite a while now. Unless the temperature outside is just right, and the batteries are in a good mood; the box truck won't start. This is how I try to coerce it back to life.

Heavy Lifting Custom Quadrotor
Built to SHRED 3 Axis stabilized gimbal Payload 4-5lbs GPS Navigation Better than a Robinson R44 and that's a FACT.

HTDZ HT-81 High Quality Microphone Test
Testing the HTDZ HT-81 on battery power and phantom power. Recording into a Fostex FR2-LE External field recorder. Comparison with Rode Videomic. HTDZ is ok for $40 but has noticeable hiss on battery power, and is unusable with clicking and rumbling on Phantom power. Save another $100 for a used RODE NTG-2 or new Videomic.