Starting the Rally Car V 2.0

Starting the Integra rally car for the first time since last August. New motor, new suspension, new wiring and a new plan. Twice as good, half the power, twice the fun. There is still more to do, but with plenty of time before the next rally and the car already running, we're the most ahead of the game in years. Track is White Picket Fences by Airtone from CCMixter.

More Videos...

Rally Cars - Slow Motion - From feature film Easier Said Than Done
A few quick clips from the Oregon Trail Rally May 5,6. Shot on the very versatile Fastec TS3Cine. Help our Kickstarter campaign at: So we can do more

2 Wheel Drive Budget Buddies
Matt Bushore, Billy Elliot and Chris Greenhouse bring the 2WD noise at the 100 Acre Wood Rally.

Spring Update - Transmission Rebuild
We tear apart the motor we smoked at Lake Superior Rally, and begin rebuilding our new close ratio gearbox from M-Factory. Fitz the crazy Jamaican helps out and talks funny.

Another brought back from the depths (I.E Revver). The original WAGON ATTACK, showcasing snowy donuts, still camera shot video and INSANE titling skills