Starting the Rally Car V 2.0

Starting the Integra rally car for the first time since last August. New motor, new suspension, new wiring and a new plan. Twice as good, half the power, twice the fun. There is still more to do, but with plenty of time before the next rally and the car already running, we're the most ahead of the game in years. Track is White Picket Fences by Airtone from CCMixter.

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Wagon Attack 2
A short film about a rusty Honda Civic Wagon and a dude that loves deals. Love Wagon's, and the 80's? Check out the Wagon Attack 2 Tee

Impassable - Making Wagon Attack 3
Behind the scenes with in a far away land with a bunch of bros making a video about a crappy Civic Wagon.

Wagon Attack 3 for behind the scenes and more. 4 years ago this crappy Civic Wagon brought the shred to locations all around Michigan in Wagon Attack 2. Today, the wagon takes on the ultimate test of man and machine - Iceland. Luke Wilcox and his junk pile 1989 turbo AWD Civic Wagon go where no rustbucket has gone before. for even more wagon content.

Type-R Del Sol Engine Removal
I picked up this Del Sol with an ITR to use the motor in the rally car. After making sure it runs well we pull the lump out in a cool 41 minutes. Next I am scrapping the turbo motor and dropping this in the Rally Car and revving to 11. Matt Johnston, Goudster, Luke and Fitz the Jamaican.