S15 Meet | JDM | Team S15

100,000-!!!!! WOW YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! While out and luckily having my camera, filmed a bunch of S15's that were meeting up and were happy enough to let me film. The clips are a bit grainy and not 100% HD but thought id put it up anyway. Hope you like it thanks.

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Stormtrooper S15
WATCH IN HD!!! Like my page please: www.facebook.com/JdmOriginPhotography Follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/jdmoriginphotography Use the hashtag: #JdmOrigin Full HKS Exhaust Alpine Soundsystem with Pioneer Deck Vertex Bodykit all round Work Cr Kiwami 9.5" all round Pod Filter Fuel Pump Greddy Front Mount Td04 16psi Greddy Boost Controller Apexi Pillar - Boost and Oil Pressure Check out my Facebook and Instagram for more. I do not own rights to the song. It is used for entertainment purposes only.

S15 Silvia Spec-R | A Silvia S15 Day
A Silvia S15 Day: 145,000 You guys are seriously amazing! VIDEOS FOR 2014 SOON! ___________________ S15 Silvia Spec-R ___________________ 1st time shooting and editing a JDM car video, hope you enjoy it. If you live in NSW and you want a video on your car, something like this or have any ideas, i'm your man! Let me know whats up PM me Yo :) Props to Andy & his S15 :D Artist: SniperShot Song: Spend The Night With Me

KAITEN SILVIA S15 "Полная пошлина"
Конец 2014 года, последние относительно теплые деньки, последние дрифты уходящего года. В качестве главной героини нашей короткометражки представляем Вам распиленную и, в последствии, слегка сваренную S15. Впрочем, мы и так все очень долго ждали, поэтому отложим длинные тексты для другого случая, а сейчас жмем "Play" и наслаждаемся просмотром в 1080р. Kaiten [автомобили с японских аукционов, запчасти и тюнинг] Группа ВКонтакте: vk.com/kaitenvl▼ Наша студия видеографии [SDREC] vk.com/sdrec▼ Выражаем отдельную благодарность группе BMIRussia и лично Алексею Миловидову vk.com/bmirussian▼

Nissan S15 vs 350z drifting battle
http://import2race.com Nissan S15 - 240sx vs 350z drifting battle at a Clubloose Freedom move event.