Motorcycle VS Cops Biker Rides Wheelie EPIC ESCAPE Running From The Cops POLICE CHASE Street Bike

Motorcycle VS Cops Epic Escape Biker Rides Wheelie While Running From The Cops Caught On Camera Street Bike Police Chase 2016. Street bike VS cops video of epic motorcycle wheelie police chase of motorcycle running from cops riding wheelies on the highway at high speed. Cop car chases group of insane bikers for doing illegal motorcycle stunts on the freeway biker riding wheelies gets chased by cop car. Street bike stunt rider continues to ride a wheelie while being chased by police parol car as other riders block the cops car while cop chase motorcycle doing insane street bike stunts. This video was filmed during Streetfighterz Ride Of The Century ROC street stunt ride in Saint Louis, MO on I-70 highway. The stunt bike rider wheelies on the freeway at a high speed while running from police as they continue chasing the biker as he continues to ride a long wheelie without setting down the front wheel throughout the whole police chase video. Watch as biker makes epic esape thanks to other stunt bike riders blocking the police car. None of the bikers pull over for the cops chasing them in high speed pursuit on the highway an all the motorcycles getaway from the cops an escape all law enforement vehicles chasing the bikers. This video was caught on tape using Go Pro Hero helmet cam attached to dirt bike riders helmet. Thank you for watching this amazing chase motorcycle vs cops chasing stunt bike wheeling on the highway while running from the cops in epic escape police chase please enjoy this video clip! Please SHARE, LIKE, & COMMENT Visit BLOX STARZ STORE Click Below Please SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos Click Below Watch MORE Biker POLICE CHASES Click Playlist Linked Below Watch MORE Blox Starz Top 10 Videos Click Playlist Linked Below Please FOLLOW US INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: TWITTER: GOOGLE+: TUMBLR: VINE:

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Streetfighterz Ride Of The Century 2011 *Official* Youtube took down the original version of this video bc of the song so here it is with a new song by song : The Black Raven

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In this Compilation, you will see the best video of DANGEROUS MOTORCYCLE CRASHES & FAIL MOMENTS and also ROAD RAGE & ANGRY PEOPLE vs. BIKERS videos of all Youtube. Nice view and subscribe to the channel. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ON AUTHOR'S VIDEO ! vvvv 00:01 - MotoMaid - 00:47 - StunterJay - 01:52 - MauneMoto - 04:01 - Richie Recoil - 04:32 - Northern Goats - 05:07 - Mateo Bohorquez - 05:58 - moto gear - 07:01 - ARMoto - 07:49 - DaCreature - 08:58 - Halim Kocan - 09:35 - A MOTO -

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