Glastar landing rwy 1-Moose Creek, ID

While exploring Idaho backcountry airstrips we decided to drop in on Moose Creek. Elevation 2454. We were staying at Elk River, so we didn't bring our camping gear that day, but we'll be back! The recommended approach was down the Selway River canyon & a blind base leg for rwy 1. I came in high so as not to be surprised when I made the turn to final-had plenty of length to land long.

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Moose Creek, Idaho Landing

Moose Creek Idaho (1U1) July 4th 2009
A short video from a trip we took in 2009 to Moose Creek US Forest Service station in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness area. The airfield is designated 1U1 and has two runways of good width and length. For our heavily loaded (she likes it like that :-) Cessna 206 the longer of the two runways worked really well. Lots of room on that one. We camped there a couple of nights including July 4th. It was a blast and we fished both Moose Creek and the Selway, played in the creek, and did a lot of plane watching. Please enjoy. Stig

Short field strip thats a challenge.
Approach briefing for Camano Island airport. Do not land here without being checked out by a flight instructor with local knowledge of the airport. It is dangerous do runway length, slope, trees, and other hazardous factors.

Glasair Sportsman 2+2 Aircraft Demo Video
Glasair Sportsman 2+2 Aircraft demo video produced by Glasair Aviation.