Rally Cross Subaru Impreza EJ22T 2.2 Turbo with 2.5" Straight Pipe Exhaust

http://www.trisr.com What a Subaru Impreza with a EJ22T swap and a 2.5" Straight Pipe Exhaust Sounds like. Visit Tri State Rally TriSR.com if you have the time

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Rolled my Subaru Impreza with a EJ22T swap at a Rally event in PA the day after it was painted. Short clip with quarter panel replacement.

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97 Legacy ej22t
This is my 97 subaru legacy wagon that I swapped a ej22t into. Currently running off the stock NA ecu with a vf11 at 6psi. 2.5 inch catless Exhaust and a gutted stock downpipe. (3 inch with a bellmouth will be installed 7-24-14) STI Exhaust manifold, catless 3 inch uppipe, hks BOV, AEM wideband, no name oil pressure/Boost/Exhaust temp gauges, wrx wheels painted gold, 05 forester top mount. The check engine light is a purge valve. I just need to pull the turbo to replace it.