Rally Cross Subaru Impreza EJ22T 2.2 Turbo with 2.5" Straight Pipe Exhaust

http://www.trisr.com What a Subaru Impreza with a EJ22T swap and a 2.5" Straight Pipe Exhaust Sounds like. Visit Tri State Rally TriSR.com if you have the time

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Ok I was lookin for a cheap car for my motorsports needs and I did some research, came up with the good old 98 Impreza 2.5rs coupe. but I can put much in the back of a coupe. plus I am sort of a wagon fan, so I went with the good old OBS (Outback sport) I chose the 98 because of the weight and body. plus with a maf vs. a map things are much simpler. First you will need a good working subaru EJ motor, dual port heads will be needed. a Boost gauge, a manual Boost control, WRX headers, WRX water pump and thurmostat housing, up pipe and turbo back Exhaust, either a X member or Cut the one in the car like we did, a TD04 turbo and some tubing for water, oil, and intake. the rest is up to how you want to route them. For oil we got it from the top of the block and we just drilled into our junkyard head to return it to the pan. The whole build including the car cost around $3,000 but 6 months later the car went low on oil do to a leak on the oil seperater cover, so it spun a bearing on the crank. as mentioned in the video the engine has been rebuild and is still running strong with the stock pistions and stock compression of around 9 to 1 no fuel management other than stock and a Boost level of 6psi I tried 8psi and it felt like my 06 wrx but I just didnt trust it at that level. twards the end of the video you can hear a small tick this is the valve clearance and has also been taken care of. the smoke from the tail pipe is prob from the 200,000+ miles on those old rings... Please do your research before attempting this on your car. it can be done but keep things simple and keep cost as low as you can.

Subaru Impreza Off Road
1997 Subaru Impreza with 2005 Forester suspension and 1998 forester 2.5 motor swap, 2.2 flywheel and weight reduction to a point of pulling all the interior and ac parts. I think the weight was around 2400lb. Factory forester tires that were completely bald. Location was in the area of Banner Elk NC. Amazing vehicle for the price and I regret ever selling her.

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