BMW 335i vs BMW 335d Drag race santa pod Feb 2009 Both modified ECU for performance

DMS tuned 335i near lane, DMS tuned 335d far lane. Both ECU tuned. 335i approx 400bhp and 430ibs, 335d approx 350bhp and 530ibs. 335i 13.3@105.5 335d 13.3@105.8 Best of the day for the cars 335i 13.2@106 335d 13.3@105.8

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Bmw E92 335d Review....515ft/lb...370bhp
a slight overview on the 335d....I missed a lot of info out due to the fact I was so in awe of the torque(lol)this car is producing...I found myself just smiling all the time and missing stuff out...anyway enjoy,,like,,,dislike,,,subscribe

Bmw 335d vs VW Lupo GTi
335d 13.2@106mph , Gti 16.0@85mph

BMW 335D E92 400hp JS PERFORMANCE VS 335i E92 Clastres 22/09/2013
BMW 335D E92 JS PERFORMANCE Reprog défap turbos retouchés VS 335i E92 échangeur ligne reprog 400chx Clastres 22/09/2013

bmw 335d vs Mercedes C63 AMG Drag race 1/4mile
SANTA POD. 335D has re-map. AMG is stock. 335d 13.0 @106mph and AMG 12.8@111mph