Revin the Chevy 8.1L W/ Gibson Ceramic Headers

Eat'n Dodges Shittin Fords

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496 (8.1) straight piped
my chevy 2500 hd with a 496 straight piped

8.1 chevy big block truck
chevy 8.1 big block truck walk around

STS turbo 8.1l 2500HD
My new truck. She does need some more tuning. Stock 8.1L with STS turbo at 12 psi.

Chevy 8.1L
I for got to put the key in the ignition, thats why it shut off when i got in my truck lol. a little safety feature that come with remote start. but anyway i poster this new video cus people are complaining my other camera sounds like shit, so here you go!