Turbo Trans Am vs Evo X

Spanking a new Evo with the TTA

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Turbo TA on pump gas & alky w/ bolt ons
turbo Trans am with bolt ons

21 psi Turbo Supra vs. 12 psi Turbo Trans Am WS6
This is what happens when you put a turbo in a V8 against a turbo I-6

Turbo Trans Am vs Mustang GT
Hi-psi's turbo Trans Am vs Fox Body Mustang GT with slicks at Carolina Dragway

Evo vs Turbo Trans Am
Evo ix races turbo Trans Am at Beech Bend during last races of 2007 season. Evo wins by 3/1000th's of a second! Close race, and lots of fun during last few seconds of this one...