Insane Nissan Frontier Burnout!

my 2002 nissan frontier smoking a tire till it pops.. if your comment is rude it will be deleted!

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Nissan Frontier 2jz Gte inside Burnout by Pang Junning Thailand
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Nissan Frontier Burnout!
My 2002 Nissan frontier 3.3L supercharged at 14 psi doing a smoking burnout, and yes i know i have a lsd coming soon. so any one wheel pell comments are deleted. unless you wanna show me up! be my guest

Nissan Navara Crossing the River Extreme 4x4 OFF Road in Siberia
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Crazy Insane Nissan Frontier S/C
This is my re-post of my 2004 Nissan Frontier S/C 4x4. If any one wants I will do a road/Off-road review. The truck performance wise is pretty much OEM. Have 4 100watt roof lights, 100watt fog lights, 55watt head lights, LED blue dome lights, LED white reading lights, Xovision 7in 2din touch screen head unit, 2 kicker 8 in subs in sealed box, "rhino lined" fender flares, OEM size Dayna Pro ATM Hankook tires, PS2, Siren/PA system "with ice cream van music lol" reverse cam, cat back cherry bomb "glass pack". I think thats all. This was all shot with a HTC inspire. p.s. I only put crazy insane in the title so i can get the views and see if anyone want me to do a review. im trying to get into car reviews as a career.