Insane Nissan Frontier Burnout!

my 2002 nissan frontier smoking a tire till it pops.. if your comment is rude it will be deleted!

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1400HP Nissan GT-R JM1400R | INSANE ACCELERATIONS! | ''Dude I almost had you!''
This time I filmed a Nissan GTR with 1400 horsepower! The Nissan GT-R JM1400R!It is incredibly fast and sounds INSANE! It had a little tribute to Paul Walker unter the hood! You will find the text: ''Dude I almost had you'' (Paul Walker) 1973-2013! Enjoy! Event: Drive 2015 Liked the video? Click the 'like' button, comment, and subscribe by clicking the link above! Please subscribe and follow me: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: