2012 CRA Street Stocks "Fall Brawl - USA Tire 40" At LOR Indianapolis

CRA Street Stocks "Fall Brawl - USA Tire 40 40" Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis Clermont, Indiana September 30, 2012

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2012 CRA Street Stocks "Championship 30" At Winchester Speedway
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2011 CRA Street Stocks "Fall Brawl 40" At Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis
Seal Wrap Repair Tape "Fall Brawl" EDCO Welding & Hydrolics Service CRA Street Stocks 40 Lap Feature Event Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis Clermont, Indiana October 2, 2011

2012 Baer Field Speedway - Street Stocks Feature - (May 26th)
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Superhero' Phoenix Jones Knockout Big Drunk Guy in Street Brawl
In the strange case of "Phoenix Jones and the Big Drunk Guy in the Orange Shirt," it seems there is a law on the books in Seattle that could apply to a bizarre street fight in the University District early Friday morning, but probably won't. Jones is a self-styled defender of the peace and street-level superhero. He and his buddies patrol Seattle and occasionally disrupt crimes in progress and call police. This time, Jones got into a confrontation with three men over the way they were hassling other people on 'The Ave' and it ended up in a mano-a-mano street-fight that Phoenix, nattily attired in his black and yellow crime-fighter costume, won rather handily - with Seattle police on the scene watching. Jones and his backers had called 911 but did not take the officers' suggestion that they just move along and let the matter go. The Big Drunk Guy in the Orange Shirt and his pals didn't take that suggestion either. Jones delivered a few savage kicks to the leg, then a short right hand to the face and the deal was done - 37 seconds start to finish.