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1971 dodge demon restoration


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Big Papa's Dodge Demon
Thru the mufflers

Brad Krstic 1971 Dodge Demon Duster 6.1 Hemi
Tuned By Rev Hard Inc

134406 / 1972 Dodge Demon
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/n7bxc7o It doesn't take long for car guys to put two and two together. Chrysler may have intended their compact fleet to be inexpensive grocery getters but, thanks to their smaller proportions and relatively light weight, the hot rodding possibilities just couldn't be ignored. This 1972 Demon 340 is one of the A-bodies that Dodge sent out with some factory heat between the fenders - A true H-code car that retains its original 340ci V8 and Torqueflite automatic transmission. Thanks to a frame up restoration, the car looks showroom fresh. A sleek coat of TX9 black graces the sheet metal topped by white side stripes and a flat black hood decal. It's an ominous look and correct for the car according to the trim tag. From the plainspoken grille to the bright white taillight panel with its cartoon Demon, everything is in place and ready for the show field. The HEMI and 440 Six Pack were both off the option list by 1972 but that didn't mean the fun was over. The high-winding 340 was finally getting its time to shine, producing a solid 240 net horsepower in an era when even top option Corvettes were falling short of the 300hp mark. Lift this Demon's hood to find the original 340ci V8, authenticated by its casting number, casting date, and matching VIN derivative. From the Carter ThermoQuad carburetor to the electronic ignition, the engine compartment shows with authority. Behind that 340, the original 727 Torqueflite automatic takes care of shifting, channeling power back to an 8.75-inch rear end. The torsion bar front and leaf spring rear suspension are both in place, aided through corners by factory power steering and hydraulic drum brakes. At the corners, industrial looking 14-inch steel wheels wear black paint, dog dish hubcaps, and a set of Goodyear Polyglas F70-14s to finish off that vintage look. Pop open the doors on this Demon and you'll be greeted by a restored black vinyl interior. Given the A-bodies low-budget positioning, there aren't a ton of options visible but the combination of bucket seats, a stainless-trimmed center console, and plenty of wood grain applique certainly give the space an upscale feel. Entertainment is provided by an original Music Master AM radio. Regardless if you're a diehard Mopar A-body fan or just a muscle car novice look for an affordable way to get into the hobby, this Demon is a great choice. Of the nearly 40,000 Demons produced for '72, only 8.700 of them carried the 340 and, with its original drivetrain still in place, this one a perfect example to show off. If you're ready to put a Demon in your lair, call, click, or visit http://rkmotorscharlotte.com for more information!

1971 340 Dodge Demon Clone
www.cool-cars-video.com The Dodge Demon, like the mythological deity it's named after, is ancient, resilient and legendary. I would argue the Demon 340 is a true pedigree. Few car folks agree with me, they view Dodge Demon as merely a changed callsign and a copy of a Plymouth. Chrysler introduced the car line called Valiant in 1959. The Chrysler Valiant was a response to the Chevy Corvair and the Ford Falcon. IBM computers were brought in for the Valiant project to test load bearing suspension parts and noise reduction techniques. Quotes from 1959, "The Chrysler Valiant may well be the quietest small car ever made" and "Chrysler is building more than just a smaller car, it appears to be a revitalized approach to basic transportation."Cool Cars Dodge Demon 340 This was the first Chrysler product to receive an alternator thanks to the space program, and a brand new post-war six cylinder. The Valiant's overall handling and ride was unexpectedly pure even by today's standard. Chrysler promoted the Valiant by marketing the line to taxi companies in New York city. It may have been a good idea except for a mechanical failure that plagued their promotional fleet, leaving Chrysler in bewilderment while sending tow trucks to retrieve the stalled out heeps. Ironically, the test cars were virtually unscathed by the punishment they endured. Apparently the very basic function of letting the engine idle for long periods didn't occur to the test department and was simply over looked. The diagnosis was that at idle the lower oil rings would vibrate enough to percolate oil from the crank case, immersing the spark plugs. It was fixed with record speed and didn't hurt Valiant sales. Valiant sold so well in fact that it was the only small car to continue it's name plate with Chrysler into the 1970's. The Chrysler Valiant was adopted by Plymouth by 1961 and it's on this very platform that some of the most radical, bad ass muscle cars were bread. Chrysler's Valiant did phenomenally well at NASCAR in the compact class and won the Mobil Fuel Economy Challenge.Cool Cars Dodge Demon 340. Read more @ www.cool-cars-video.com

1971 Dodge Demon Dyno Run
Dyno run of my 1971 Dodge Demon running a small block with a 671 blower. Dyno nad tuning were done by Modern Muscle in Oswego, IL. UPDATE: New 1,020 HP blown SB 440 (Mopar R3 race block) running on E-85. To see the new motor go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAnK-uXl9Fk Muscle Motors built the engine but did not show the Dyno gauges in the video - their mistake.

Unlawful Racing Complete Restoration of Randy Boligs 1970 Super Bee.mpg

The charger is put up on the rotisserie...The undercarriage is sand blasted and the drive train rebuild begins..

Dodge Demon 1971 Full Restoration
The demon resto step by step.

Plymouth Duster 340 and Dodge Demon 340
My 1974 Plymouth Duster 340 and Gene's 1972 Dodge Demon 340 having a little fun! We decided to take the cars out and not go all out on them but have a little fun, LOL!

1971 Dodge Demon 340 burnout
1971 Demon 340 auto. #'s matching driveline with warmed over motor. walkaround with small burnout.

Dodge Demon 340 Celebrity Choice Restoration
72 dodge demon 340 4 speed 4 barrel solid cam w2 heads 8 3/4 rear hemi orange tiger striped scat pack Mr Norms celebrity choice carlisle pa all chrysler nationals winner

Duster vs. Super Bee
A '69 Super Bee and '70 Duster leave a car show.

1971 Dodge Demon lot #371, Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach 2011
4-08-2011 Friday 1971 Dodge Demon 440 transplant $44K with fees

1973 Dodge Charger restoration
the body work is done, now we are starting on the engine and interior. the music belongs to its respected owners

dodge demon jairo bogota colombia .com
mi carrito con mucho esfuerzo levantarlo

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