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Ford Escape於2003年達卡越野大賽
2003年越野好手陳和皇先生自費將該年參加亞洲越野拉力 的福特六和Escape廠車運至歐洲,以媒體的身分參與該年 卡越野大賽,這部Escape為除了部分改裝外,底盤結構、 擎及變速箱均為原廠設定,雖非正式參賽,但以一部都 SUV能跑完全程也是相當不容易的表現了。

Toyota RAV4 sweeps across Beijing
It is absolutely exciting to transform the Toyota RAV4 into a racing car! With Beijing as the setting, Toyota Motor Corporation has developed an AR car racing game for web players and showroom display with D'Fusion Augmented Reality technology in 2011. With this AR game, players can enjoy the sense of high speed car racing in crowded cities and twining mountainsides with the RAV4. If you want to light up your soul for the X-games, pick up the picture card and align it with the webcam to activate the AR car racing. Players wishing to show individuality simply need to select the button in the picture card, and there are 7 colors in your choice. The game begins in the Forbidden City, a famous attraction in Beijing. Along the route, players will pass by "modern buildings", "traditional 4-in-1 complexes", and the "Great Wall". Besides enjoying the ecstasy of car racing, players can travel across different times and spaces "live". Also, with the AR technology, the visual effects and physical reactions of turns, acceleration and deceleration, stepping on the pedal and "impact feedback" are "real" and sensitive. Therefore, players are advised to swiftly control their game picture card in order to win the championship.

toyota rav4 2003 racing
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Toyota Camry 2013 vs. Ford Escape 2013 Drag Race
Toyota Camry 2013 vs Ford Escape 2013 Drag Race. me and my friend did a little drag race to about 150km/h.. the Camry is SE version with 2.5L Dual Exhaust and 181HP Ford Escape is 2WD 1.6L EcoBoost turbocharged.. both with one passenger.