Clarkson Thriller Mercedes CLK 63 Black Series

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Mercedes AMG Black - Top Gear Remixed - Dark Knight Soundtrack Remixed
Mercedes Black Music taken from four songs of the new Batman Dark knight - just cutup/remixed to fit the video. Footage taken from a Top Gear episode, and again cut up and flipped up and sped up and slowed down etc... to fit the music.. Mercedes Black

Thomas The Tank Engine Extended Theme Tune Remix

Top Gear - Thriller
Top Gear Live 2012 - Thriller cars bikes stunts dancers and MJ

Clarkson - Italian Job
It's The Italian Job so obviously, Jeremy Clarkson heads to Kent in England for the race of a lifetime. But first he has to get ready. So, it's the Fiorano test track in Italy where he compares Ferrari's 458 Italia and the limited edition 599 GTO.