Accord Wagon IDRC Drags, Fontana, CA

95 Honda Accord Wagon runs 11.16 et at 132 mph. Still looking for the elusive 10 seconds.

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Honda Accord F22 Turbo TNT-AnclaMotorsports-Turbonetics-Haltech Project 10 second run
4Th pass 10,7 first event with this setup, fully built TNT Engine - turbonetics Super T series turbo - Haltech soprt 2000 ECU - 28PSI - 675WHP, Beating a modified Nissan GTR

LSV EG Hatch VS H22 Accord Re-Match **1080P**
Wanted to try my buddy's EG Hatch again now that he got it street tuned. Smoother power band for sure.

record accord run.wmv
the fastes honda accord wagon of the planet santa isabel performance

Honda Accord vs. Mitsubishi Lancer
Honda Accord vs. Mitsubishi Lancer at Bandimere Speedway in Lakewood Colorado. This was the Super Mod category with times being faster than 15 seconds