Accord Wagon IDRC Drags, Fontana, CA

95 Honda Accord Wagon runs 11.16 et at 132 mph. Still looking for the elusive 10 seconds.

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Fontana Street Legals 2-28-10
11 second 95 Accord Wagon Fontana Street Legals 2-28-10

accord killa
honda accord station wagon killer 11 second for all the haters out there

95 Accord Wagon
95 Accord Wagon at the Fontana Street Legals 7_17_10. This Honda runs 11 seconds and over 130 mph.

Silverado at Fontana Dragway
Took the Crew Cab Silverado to Fontana for it's first 1/4 mile pass. Truck is stock with the exception of an AFE CAI. Stock tune, tires and no other mods, 15.06 @ 92MPH Song is Intro (live) by the XX, from Itunes Live from SOHO-EP