9 Runs of Lava - Colorado River

Nine rafts run Lava Rapid on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon during late November of 2008. Probably around 8-9000 cfs. One swimmer, one bump into 'Cheese Grater Rock'. No major carnage. My first YouTube video post. Experimenting with high quality full screen uploads. The HD version 'stutters'/audio not synched.

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The Fastest Ride in History through the Heart of the Grand Canyon
Learn more about Emerald Mile at http://books.simonandschuster.com/The-Emerald-Mile/Kevin-Fedarko/9781439159 859?mcd=vd_youtube_book In 1983, during unprecedented flooding, three men attempted the fastest boat ride in history down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. THE EMERALD MILE is their incredible true story.

8 boats through Lava Falls @ 22K 3 flips (2@ledge 1@right line)
Lava Falls on 12/1/11. Rezzy's Big Ditch Massacre on the business line with the Grand Canyon!

HD Lava Falls Ledge Hole DOUBLE BAD DAY DISASTER epic raft carnage fail closeup!!!!!!
Possibly the BEST LAVA CARNAGE VIDEO EVER!!!!!!! My 14' Aire VS Lava Falls ledge hole at 22,000cfs. Point Lava! Then, another 14' right behind!!!!!!

Flipping in Lava Falls Rapid, Grand Canyon, High Water
This was recorded in the end of August 2011. This is Lava Falls Rapid on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The River was running at 25,000cfs and the rapid is rated a 10 out 10. This is what happens when you go to far right when you are suppose to be going left. Enjoy!