V8 7.2L Race Breed mini is launched!

Its 8am in the morning, and we finally have the Exhausts done and everything on.. time to test drive we thinks!!!

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mini hayabusa

Austin Mini Cooper S - Arden 8 Port Lucas Fuel Injection
Car: Austin Mini Cooper S Engine: 1293cc Arden 8 Port - Lucas Fuel Injection Date: 04/04-2015

Car surprise Nikki's Mini Cooper
My wife and I were lucky enough to surprise both our kids with cars on the same day. My daughter was 1st with the Mini then we surprised my son with his Mustang.

Micro Mini Cars on Monument Square
A gathering on Racine, Wisconsin's Monument Square of some pretty unique miniature old cars. These cars are street legal and can get up to 80mph +. Some have only one seat for the driver only. Check out this link to my other video from the event that day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVFbfKxyFC0