'98Buick Regal GS Vs '73 Challenger 440.wmv

FWD Buick with street tires, full Exhaust, and some boltons. Englishtown, NJ.

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Regal GS vs 240sx Turbo, WRX, WRX Wagon
99 Regal GS - Tune, 3.4 pulley, 3" downpipe, zero knock count. The interior was out to clean the carpet and replace the rear speakers. Weight with the interior out was 3340 lbs on 1/2 a tank (no driver). The car runs a fairly consistent 13.8 @ 102 on that setup at around 60° outside temps. Next we will be testing a smaller 3.2 pulley and meth injection followed by E85. We've also mounted an intake air temp sensor directly underneath the blower outlet to measure temp differences between different pulleys and spraying different combinations of methanol and water.

Regal GS Vs. SRT8 Charger
Buick mods: zfr-e85-front mount Intercooler SRT8 Mods: Ported Heads, cam, Tune, Ported Intake

TransAm vs Regal GS vs Z06 vs Cobra

'98 Buick Regal GS.wmv
Time trial @ Englishtown, NJ Street tires, full Exhaust, with boltons.