Cameron Lawrence Racing Trans-Am Road America

Cameron Lawrence in the #11 Miller Racing/ Motor State/ Ctek Battery Charger/ Katech Camaro at Road America. After starting 9th we make a good charge to the front to end up 2nd on the podium!

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Pontiac Firebirds Lingenfelter Collection
The Pontiac Firebird section of the private collection that Ken Lingenfelter has...there are several generations of Firebird and Trans Am in this video...and they are all very nice cars...check them out!!!...Make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any of the cool videos I post daily!! My apparel provided by: Check them out!!!

1988 Trans-Am Road America
Trans-Am race from 9/11/88.

1993 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am road test

2012 Camaro SS Corsa Catback Kooks Headers
LS3 Corsa Catback, Kooks Longtubes, no cats. WOT pull at 1:40. Exhaust sounded great all around with just the catback. But with the headers and no cats it definately has a boat sound at idle and an old truck with either an Exhaust leak or glass packs at low RPM's where I normally drive. Its ERMAHGAWD NASCAR!!!! at wide open. Still stock quiet on the inside at cruise, ZERO DRONE. My camera just cant pickup how bad (IMO) the boat/tractor like idle is. Its embarassing bad. Changing to Bassani next week.