Mark's 9 Second Drag Eagle Talon 9.8@158mph

Decent pass at RockFalls Raceway, lots of spinning in first and second gear. My first pass dipping into the 9's at this track. I gained 42mph on the back half.

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2g awd dsm 9 second drag race, Doug Elfman, 9 second 2g DSM is back
Update: 10/21/11 Car went 9.51 @ 149 on stock ignition and magnecore wires, after the new ARC II was junk. Doug Elfman back at the track after changing things around, car went 9.6 back in 2008 ( Since then it has undergone a lot of changes and is finally back making some passes. 9.80 @ 151.68 mph New England Dragway October 7, 2011 New England DSM

The RED DEMON - 8 Second Talon
The Boostin' Performance RED DEMON dominating the Gangster class at KOTS X... This car is NO JOKE, nearly 1000hp to the wheels and with low 8 second E/T's... it's no wonder it KILLED the game and finally represented the AWD cars at KOTS! Congrats on the win guys.

8 Second Eagle Talon | Dyno Pulls & Blows Intercooler
Start your own insane build here: Visit Mark's channel for more on this car: Mark came back and made some SERIOUS Power: Heading to the Dyno? Be prepared with our checklist: 2.1L 4G63 6 Bolt Shortblock -6 Bolt 4G63 block - half hard block filled -Boostin Performance 1/2" L19 Headstud kit -Wiseco Custom pistons -Custom R&R Aluminum rods -ACL Race bearings -Eagle 94mm Crankshaft MAP Stage 5 Cylinder head Hand ported intake port/ Exhaust ports/polished combustion chamber Ferrea bronze/alloy valve guides +1mm Supertech nitride intake valves +1mm supertech inconel Exhaust valves Kiggly valve spring kit shimmed .040 tighter 9/16 1200hp+ head stud machining with steel t-washer inserts Cyilnder head Quench area stinting of deck surface

Mark's 8 Second Eagle Talon @ MAP Proving Grounds 2014.1
My second 8 second pass! I'm glad I was in front! Close call for the Toyota.