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Hydrogen Generator Saves 20% - 90% Fuel and Increases Power

Gorilla Developers has been working on creating a method of extracting Hydrogen from water and an electrolyte solution. This has now ... all » been achieved. See the video to understand the incredible volume of Hydrogen being extracted. How is this achieved? Using 30 amps from your alternator on standard vehicles for the 20-Cell electrolyzer we weave this energy Through an over 40 stainless steel plates which extract the Hydrogen necessary to aid in increased fuel combustion efficiency. What does this mean to me? Your vehicle will have substantially increased fuel combustion. [Most vehiclesonly burn less than 50% of the fuel injected into your cylinder because of a lack of Oxygen and Hydrogen] The lower your mileage directly relates to the lack of your engines efficiency. Increasing the efficiency of the burn provides a requirement of less fuel [less pedal being required to achieve/maintain speed.] Visit our web site and register today. http://www.GetHydroPower.com We seek local sales/support staff and installation locations. Call 651-789-1830 for more information.


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4x26Pl Cell's Farkas HHO 100% free water! www.farkashho.com All Hydrogen :cellshho2sell@gmail.com

HHO INDIA Kit for Cars ( Type 2 Dry cell 1000 to 1800cc ) Aqua Fuel Technologies
Website link : http://aquafueltech.com Product link : http://aquafueltech.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=18 HHO INDIA Kit for Cars ( Type 2 Dry cell 1000 to 1800cc ) Aqua Fuel Technologies 11 Plates Dry Cell HHO Hydrogen Generator Complete Kit for Vehicles 1000 - 1800cc. Our products are designed and manufactured in the European Union in our Company Aqua Fuel Technologies, in compliance with technical standards and industrial manufacturing of such products. Technical Data and Additional Information: Generator Type: Dry Cell Standard dimensions: 4" x 4" Plates: 11 Voltage: 12V Parts List of the Kit: This kit comes complete with all accessories required for the installation: HHO Generator - Dry Cell with 11 plates in 316L stainless steel with Aluminium clamps and wing nuts for terminals. HHO Water Reservoir HDPE with strong Nylon Cap - 2 Liters (volume of 2 liters) with easy level check and opening for refilling. HHO Bubbler HDPE with strong Nylon Cap - 1 Liters (volume of 1 liters) with easy level check and opening for refilling. Electrical cable 6 mm section, in red and black, suitable for all electrical connections. Fuse holder and fuse 40A. EFIE Dual Digital. 12v 30A Relay. Flash Back Arrestor Heavy Duty Nylon Casing. Insulated Terminals and accessories for all electrical connections. High Pressure Hose for the HHO gas. SS Ring connectors for Hose pipes. Nylon Elbows and Direct connection fittings. Includes all the necessary connectors and sockets for the connections. Electrolyte. Installation Manual in English (E-book for download). Strong Points of our Products: Generator Dimensions - The small size of our generators allows easy installation in all cars. The dry cell can also be installed horizontally or vertically allowing greater flexibility for the installation. HHO Gas Production - Despite its performance, the cell size is relatively small in proportion to the quantity of gas produced ensuring optimum operation over time. The easy reconfiguration of the plates (plus, minus, neutral), by a system of terminals, allows a better optimization according to your needs. Stainless Steel Plates - Our plates are manufactured in 316 L stainless steel, laser cut, with a special chemical and physical treatment developed by our team to extend the operational life of the generator. You will not see brown deposits in our dry cells. A certificate from the manufacturer guarantees the quality and durability of stainless steel that we use. Gaskets and Seals - We use special elastomers made from EPDM rubber (temperature limits of use: -40 to 200° C), with a square section and large contact surface. Optimal distribution of pressure throughout the sealing surfaces. Summary of the strong points of our products: Construction materials with very high quality ensuring a long product life Easy plate reconfiguration (positive, negative and neutral) by a system of terminals, for optimizing the performance of your system Absence of brown deposits in the dry cell and electrolyte circuit Stable operating temperature of the generator without risk of overheating Isolation of the cell to withstand extreme cold in winter conditions in order to continue to be effective even in the more severe conditions

HHO Engine Running on Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas 5-31-2008
HHO Flashback Arrestor's For Sale on E-Bay http://stores.ebay.com/HHO-Gas-Technology-LLC **30 Days $ MONEY BACK Guaranteed** This HHO Gas Technology Flashback Arrestor is one-of-a-kind in the world and there is no comparison to any Flashback Arrestor. Its superior performance surpasses all Flashback Arrestor's worldwide in performance with customer satisfaction. HHO Gas Technology offers a 30 day money back guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with its performance. What are you waiting for Flashback Arrestor damage failure from old technology to your machine or move up to the new technology. Engine Running on Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas 5-31-2008 We ran another test again on June 6, 2008 and our findings were as follows. When the engine is not getting enough HHO gas and it is running slow as you see in the video it has the tendency of backfiring. We doubled the balloons one inside another that add more pressure and the engine ran a lot faster without any backfires. We will be doing another demonstration video demonstrating with the welder producing the hydrogen oxygen gas.

Hydrogen Generator - HHO Basics -
This is a video of our stainless steel cell hydrogen generator. We are currently selling our line of hydrogen generators on ebay. You can look for us by our user name - hhobasics. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at hhobasics@ymail.com. Thank you.

H-CELL 2.0 hydrogen fuel cell power kit for hobby-grade RC racing........
NOW AVAILABLE - the first hydrogen fuel cell power kit for hobby-grade RC models. The power kit is available from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (www.horizonfuelcell.com) and was designed around the TRF 416 carbon fiber chassis from Tamiya...(although can be configured with other models including electric cars, robots and boats). It also features a unique / world first, an optional refueling system for small solid state hydrogen storage devices which serve as the car's on-board hydrogen tanks. The refueling unit called HYDROFILL can also connect to a solar panel, available as an option. To order the product or its accessories contact rc@horizonfuelcell.com.

HHO, Hydrogen Generator, How does it work and what is it
http://gonextlevel.net/go/choriks30 http://www.dry-cells.com/affiliates/store.php?id=70_1 http://www.greenfuelh2o.com/?Click=2338

FIAT 500 running on hydrogen

Hidrogeno HHO Dry cell 2x16 explicacion del funcionamiento casero
Video explicativo muy sencillo, de como funcionan las celdas de hidrogeno que instalamos en www.tallerestoande.com . Esta celda tiene 16 placas, pero normalmente montamos las de 21 placas, lo cual implica un mayor aporte de hidrogeno a tu motor. Esto hace que tu vehiculo, una vez bien regulada la sonda o sondas lambda, el MAP / MAF y algun que otro sensor que no explicaremos aqui, conseguira reducciones del consumo de un 20 por ciento, utilizando el mismo combustible.

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How to Build the Best HHO Hydrogen Generator

Water Fuel Car HHO How To Build Your Own.
WANT A CAR THAT RUNS ON WATER!! This video explains the basic construction of a HHO fuel cell HOW TO CONSTRUCT A 2 ltr / min HHO GENERATOR VIDEO TUTORIAL Sometimes just looking at plans will not inspire you to start constructing your own Generator. Original source for this great video comes from http://www.youtube.com/user/ZeroFossilFuel Please check out this channel for more great videos and guides.

Live Video of GIRIRAJ H2o Kit in Honda Activa / hho Kit
The GIRIRAJ Water Power Fuel Saver kit is a retrofit device that can be installed and connected to any internal combustion engine, regardless of the engine's fuel source. It is a closed chamber unit that produces hydrogen and oxygen on demand. There is no storage of hydrogen or oxygen, making the technology extremely safe. Hydrogen, in combination's with other electrolyzed gases introduced into the intake manifold of the engine, will accelerate the flame spread during combustion, thereby getting more of the vaporized fuel to combust during the initial part of the power stroke. The benefits of the addition of Hydrogen in an internal combustion engine, including a diesel engine have been well researched. Road Tests have shown 20-90% increases in mileage with the additional implementation of driving tips. Most engines equipped with electronic fuel injection and on-board computers adjust automatically, by cutting back on the amount of fuel injected. For optimum mileage gain & Safety of the Product as well as Customers, we have developed a ECM which controls the Production of Gas as well as adjust the Vehicles' on-board Computer Automatically which helps the computer make the optimum adjustments. The product can be used on all types and combination's of fuels: gasoline, diesel, natural gas, liquid propane, methanol, ethanol and bio-diesel. Due to the on-board Production of Hydrogen & Oxygen by the GIRIRAJ Fuel Cell, there is no requirement for the market place to undertake or conduct any infrastructure changes. This provides an immediate solution with no extensive costs to industry or the public. In fact, the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit can actually SAVE environment as well as money due to reduced operating costs. GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit can be installed & tested on various types of engines -- everything from gasoline powered riding Tractor to large diesel powered industrial equipments. The only "servicing" required for the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit is the need to add Conditioned water. The GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit uses approximately one Liter of water for each 10,000 to 12,000 Kilometers or 150 hours of usage. Normally Electrolysis generates large amount of sludge & it needs periodic Maintenance to flush the complete system & again pour new electrolyte, while in GIRIRAJ H2o Kit it is not required at all. This requires only addition of water in FBA Unit. Long-term usage has indicated that the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit significantly reduces maintenance cost by decreasing the amount of carbon and other particulate matter in the engines oil. Users have found that oil change is required less often. In addition, many of the engines moving parts experience less wear and tear due to a cleaner burn. ELECTRONIC CONTROL MODULE (ECM): Increased sophistication of engine computerization, Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), and ever-changing diesel fuel formulations can override the positive effects of hydrogen injection. It also controls the Production of Hydrogen + Oxygen Gas as per need of your Engine's requirement. The company has undertaken extensive research into the development of an Electronic Control Module (ECM) to work in either a stand-alone application with an engine's fuel delivery system or in conjunction with the GIRIRAJ Water Power Fuel Saver Kit. The ECM prototype is currently being programmed and tested. This product has significant market potential in the trucking industry. For more details visit us at: http://www.girirajsystems.com

Generador de hidrógeno HHO: la instalación en español

WaterThrottle H2 Liberator - Hydrogen Electrolyzer
I started building these cells early in 2008 and have seen much success on diesel engines... I have since created the electronics necessary to overcome oxygen sensor compensations.

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