Mustang Cobra Twin Turbo 1013 Whp

Cobra 2003 Twin turbo 24 Psi

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Performance Review Supercharger vs. Turbo 03 Mustang Cobra
The 03 Cobra, the "Terminator". In this review I weight out the pros and con of going turbo from the factory Supercharger. What do you prefer? Supercharger or turbo?

2003 ford mustang cobra with 76mm helium turbo kit 104 octane gas
turbonetics ball bearing turbo 24mpg w/ ac sct tuned

Deans Performance T.J.'s 2003 Twin Turbo Cobra 1038rwhp/816rwtq
twin 58mm precision turbos/ 03 cobra

Brad's 900 + HP Mustang Cobra w/ Twin Turbos video #2
Mustang Cobra TT