grand national joy ride on low boost

me taking the monster for a walk..loww Boost

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Grand National after going to Cotton's Performance
MY 1987 Grand National walk around to show what was done to the engine and brag a little about Cotton Performance

10.99 buick run daily driver
This is my daily driver 1987 Buick Regal T. 3.8L turbocharged, white version of a Grand National. Stock block with ported Champion iron heads, slightly modified turbo, injectors and downpipe. Running on 93 octane pump gas at the track, this 10.99 was backed up by 5 more 10 second runs with a best of 10.81 @ 124 MPH. Yes it has A/C and gets 22 MPG on the highway. Leave it up to a Buick !

Tim Allen (Saleen Mustang) vs. Jay Leno (Grand National)
These two car freak's go at it in a burnout contest, a classic GM vs. Ford battle, it sucks that the Grand National lost! Tim Allen (Saleen Mustang) vs. Jay Leno (Grand National)

Grand National: Father's Day Restoration!
Geo’s father has owned this 1987 Grand National since the early 1990s and had since retired it prior to 2000. Recently, it showed up at our doorstep for a full restoration and we made it happen just in time for Father’s Day.