grand national joy ride on low boost

me taking the monster for a walk..loww Boost

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10.99 buick run daily driver
This is my daily driver 1987 Buick Regal T. 3.8L turbocharged, white version of a Grand National. Stock block with ported Champion iron heads, slightly modified turbo, injectors and downpipe. Running on 93 octane pump gas at the track, this 10.99 was backed up by 5 more 10 second runs with a best of 10.81 @ 124 MPH. Yes it has A/C and gets 22 MPG on the highway. Leave it up to a Buick !

Grand National: Father's Day Restoration!
Geo’s father has owned this 1987 Grand National since the early 1990s and had since retired it prior to 2000. Recently, it showed up at our doorstep for a full restoration and we made it happen just in time for Father’s Day.

Tim Allen (Saleen Mustang) vs. Jay Leno (Grand National)
These two car freak's go at it in a burnout contest, a classic GM vs. Ford battle, it sucks that the Grand National lost! Tim Allen (Saleen Mustang) vs. Jay Leno (Grand National)

600 rwhp buick grand national
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.