Modified Street RECORD Top Gun Capri

Top Gun Racing Engines big block naturally aspirated V8 Ford Capri runs the quickest ever APSA Modified Street Unblown (MSU) pass at Calder Park.

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Nissan 4-door Skyline runs 9s with a clutch
Easy 9-second run for this turbocharged Nissan R32 GTS 4-door Skyline.

383ci Blown V8 Holden stroker - UNFAIR
Mark's Holden VP Calais 304/383ci V8 stroker is Boosted by a Vortech V2 T-trim Supercharger and runs on 98-octane pump unleaded transmitting power through MT 255/65/15 street radials. The combination is good for 450kW to the rear wheels. Best pass for the day was 10.36 with more to come.

N/A small block runs 7s - Great SOUND!
Vince Raschilla's Super Street Automotive Ford Mustang runs into the 7-second zone for the first time. The car is powered by a naturally aspirated 414ci small block V8 engine and leaves the line at 8900rpm on the trans-brake.

Spectacular Capri Crash - Modified Street
Top Gun Performance Ford Capri wild ride at Calder Park. The driver got out of the car ok. The Capri is powered by a 588ci BBC naturally aspirated engine and had previously gone 7.70 at 184mph over the quarter mile.