2009 viper- VS- murcielago OWNER, STEVE MORALE just playing around bobby at the wheel of the viper and i driving my murcie made some good pulls they run very close so much fun, Life is to short to drive boring cars. I LOVE MY CARS,THANKS TO MY WIFE KIM FOR ALL THE HARD WORK THAT MAKES ALL THIS POSSIBLE,I LOVE YOU

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Jordon Fox, Showing off his twin turbo badass red corvette .JUST installed twin turbos from STS, Stevegts checking it out,sounds great spooling those turbos,pulls real hard looks great.Good job Jordon CANT WAIT TO RACE YOU

1999 Dodge Viper GTS ACR At Celebrity Cars Las Vegas
1999 Dodge Viper GTS ACR At Celebrity Cars Las Vegas Exotic and Luxury Car Dealership on the Las Vegas Strip

(HD) Dodge Viper GTS Heffner 650 accelerations!!! Lovely V10 sounds!!
# Rjtdbf's Facebook Fan Page:!/pages/Rjtdbf/159231257502574 - Please like my page and become a Fan! If you do that, you can follow my Youtube channel on Facebook as well!! Hello Everyone! Here is a very cool video about a very special car with a loud V10 engine: the Dodge Viper GTS Heffner 650! I think it is a really cool car, especially in black! And would you look at that engine! It is modified as you can see and hear, also with a very cool 'Monster Energy'-style look! The sound is really special, especially on the overrun, the sound is so loud!!!! I hope you like the video, please enjoy the sounds I recorded! What do you think about this car? And what do you think about this video? Please leave a (nice) comment with your opinion in it! Please also don't forget to rate this video thumbs up and share it with your friends! Please subscribe to my channel, because I have a lot more awesome videos ready to be uploaded! So don't miss it and don't hesitate: hit the subscribe button!! For more Supercar Action, visit my channel! Thanks for watching! Ruben © Rjtdbf, For The Best Car Videos! ©2012

Twin Turbo v12 SL65 VS V10 DODGE VIPER
2009 viper- VS- 2007 sl65amg tuned by renntech OWNER, STEVE MORALE , just seeing how the mercedes runs with my viper,the viper is 1000lb's lighter than the SL the sl has 85 more hp 685 the viper is 600hp they run really close we did 2 pulls from 60 to 160 pretty close runs I'M HAPPY WITH IT