brad harris 540ci twin turbo (90mm) mustang dyno 8psi

540ci Big block Chevy, and twin pro mod 90's 1200rwhp on 8psi

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116mm mustang Teaser video 5-19-20 starup shakedown tune on the dyno
frank just got her fired up today on the rollers and wanted to get the Boost and tune up on extremely low Boost 7 and 15lbs 680rwhp on 7lbs letting out early, and nearly 1000rwhp on 15psi letting out at 7600rpm more rpm and more Boost to come!!!!!

5-24-15 Fairmont 5 Aluminator update finally
been killing myself over this thing for the last 20 days, sorry for no updates but i was basically doing a whole lot of work without result and didnt feel the need to bury myself on the youtube channel with it, we will know in a few hours if i am right or wrong with the following info

Ken Ewer's Drag Radial Mustang Wheelie at maple grove 7-12-09 Maple Grove Raceway
kens 88mm turbo drag radial car doing some shakedown runs at maple grove, nice wheelie of the line.

5-1-15 Jaimie Races the turbo truck
So Jaimie was racing the turbo truck last night getting her practice in turbo cars before she takes out the 240, did great, rolled into it, lifted half track on low Boost and still coasted a 15 sec pass, got more comfortable, we turned up the Boost, she started running down 13.30 @ 108 or so area all night, more practice and she'll be doing 12s and 11s in this pig in no time, then she will be ready for 10s in the 240 for sure. im cutting some video together from her helmet cam footage. im pretty proud since this is only her 2nd time at the track and the first time was in the 19 second fairmont so quite a leap. learning fast! it took me years to get from 15s to 13s lol