2009 No.1 busa trike ferrari F1 Style Japanese Special Custom


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Mattel's Stallion Trike
You can find all the information you need on this trike on the web at the manufacture's site: http://www.thoroughbred-motorsports.com/ It has a Ford 4 cylinder 150hp engine, and it handles like a Super Mario Cart! If you are a biker and you want to meet to look at it I will consider that. It has every option offered by the manufacture, which include: AC & Heat, Power adjustable peddles, Trunk Carpet, Trail Hitch, Cruse Control, Front Seat Backrest, Fog lamps, HID headlights. I have added the following items: Custom LED underbody lights, LED side lights, Driver pouch, Wig/Wag headlight modulator, Remote Battery Terminal (without this you will need to take the rear tire off to charge or jump the battery), Additional antenna, J&N intercom and CB, Trunk Pouch, larger rear tires, wind deflectors, and power plug. I have had all the major updates done to this trike, and it is in perfect mechanical condition and still under the factory warranty. Currently the 2011 models are not being offered due to Ford changing the motor. I am not sure if TBMS will even offer another model due to having to re-engineer the bike to fit the changed motors offered by Ford. What sets my Stallion apart from the newer models is that this one is hand laid fiberglass with a custom gold and silver fleck candy apple paint with clear coats. This paint is truly amazing when you compare it to the new flatter paint on the new plastic bikes. Only about 600-800 of these trikes have been made and they are truly amazing. Check out the technical data here: http://www.thoroughbred-motorsports.com/tm2technical.aspx Briefly here it is: 35-45mpg sipping regular gas. 143 hp weighing only 1,750lbs. 9.5 gallon fuel cell. With a top speed of 119 mph! You can see my bike on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNUyXKz8fME This is a turnkey built from the ground up as a trike, not a conversion kit. It is solid as a rock at all speeds! It is fully loaded, not stripped down like the new ones.

2010 No.1 busa trike ferrari F1 Style Japanese Special Custom
ギャレット社製 GT2540 T-25タービンに水冷インタークーラーと、ウエットショ ト方式のNosを搭載 走行中動画はパクられる可能性があるのでアップしませ ん。 m(_ _)m

Trike v8 4,2 New project
PERFORMS CUSTOM TRIKE!!!! https://www.facebook.com/Kaszpir-Trike-Manufacture-234821926609390/?notif_t =page_invite_accepted¬if_id=1503236756650739 contact: raczynski.daniel@wp.pl music by ALEX LIS