74 Chevy Nova Update 44 - Turning the Nova Around

Took the Nova out in the sun and got some pictures. Preparing for the Cowl Hood mock-up.

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74 Chevy Nova Update 45 - Cowl Hood Mock Up and Some Blending
Finally got the hinges for the cowl hood and I mock up fitment. I also had to paint blend the fender from alignment modifications I had to perform.

74 Chevy Nova Update 100 - FINAL PAINT (Lots of Timelapse video)
100th Episode!!! My Day at the paint booth! Lots of time lapse in this video of every step I took to get the 74 Nova painted. If you are wondering why I taped green tape to my clothes is because I wanted to make sure my clothes do not flap and touch the car while painting. Its tight against my body.

Starting my dads 1974 Chevy Nova 350 after six YEARS
this nova had sat for six years in the same spot until we dragged it out and found out the left front drum was locked up so we got it free rolled it to the shop and started cleaning it up and getting it running....after we filled the the float bowls it started on the first crank...gotta love a holly. Its got: a holly four barrel carb.(not sure what model) a wiend highrise intake manifold turbo 350 trans. headers not sure what brand separate trans cooler air ride suspension magnum 5 spoke wheels and cherry bomb Exhaust

74 Chevy Nova Update 46 - Bodywork on Cowl Hood
Started to prep the cowl hood.