This is Motocross! The Best Motocross Tribute || MX Motivation Video

Why.. Why do you ride? This is a vid i made over a pretty long time. Its ment for people and myself to get some motivation and inspiration for MX to push harder and go faster. Thanks for watching, subscribe and have fun riding!

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Moto Chicks
Some of my bffs/ Moto Chicks!!! xoxox Luv u all

Why we love Motocross 2016- Motivation video
MX is a fantastic sport . I love motocross in all its forms . It is a sport full of adrenaline . This is my video to explain my passion for the MX . I hope you enjoy!! Subscribe , share and LIKE !! 2°video: Music: Proximity-Invincible

The Heart Of Motocross
The Moto Inside The Outdoors.

cliff jumps
blueness i forgot to put my clip in there.