MX6 on Botniaring race track

KLZE dropped a valve few laps later...

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MX6 Spinning Out Laguna Seca
Not every pass is perfect. Too Fast and late Apex, Don't Lift.

MX6 going downhill
A short vid of us having fun with Mazda MX6. Mods: KLZE engine,Probinator chip,Cold air intake,lightweight flywheel, Southbend Clutch Stage 3 OFE,SS 6-2-1 headers,SS lasercut Sebring muffler,Eibach pro kit, K104 tyres,coolant bypass mod, other small stuff to improve handling like smaller diameter steeringwheel(btw it's great improvement...who would beleive..) and stuff.

Mazda MX6 Laguna Seca Jan 2007
Track Day at Laguna Seca. Mazda MX6 1993 LS V6 2.5L JDM

90 mx6 n/a vs honda s2000 race 2
this is the 3rd run, i spun really bad then blew my wire out of the distributor and the car shut off.