SL65 Vs 300SD

RENNtech SL65 AMG plays with a 300SD turbodiesel.

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MB 300D 1/4 mile at Rocky Mountain Truck Fest 2009
My 1/4 mile run at Bandimere's Cummins Rocky Mountain Truck Fest 2009. 18.912@71.78mph GT2256V VNT turbo, 15psi Boost, automatic transmission, straight pipe Exhaust

1994 GMC Suburban With Mercedes Benz 300SD Engine
My name is Victor, Here is a 1994 GMC Suburban 4X4 with a Mercedes-Benz 300SD EnGine, This is Diesel...In case you Didn't Know..... The Transmission is a 700R4 from a 1992 Suburban 4X4. It took about 2 weeks to get the adapter Plate made, used the MB Flywheel and adapted the GM Torque converter to fit. the engine dropped right in with lots of space to work around. i got most everything to work on the dashboard even though the GM is computerize...i got the temp,alt,speedo,oil pressure and gas gauge all to work except Tack RPM....STARTED Sunday 8 0f Nov. 2009 . it took me 9 days from 11am to about 6/7pm in a Storage unit! No electricity only lights hooked from a battery. Thank God for the Good weather! Finished Tuesday 17 Nov. 2009 This was done by Myself! All Alone! the only help i got was to take the hood off And put it back. If anyone says he or she even handed me a tool...They are lying!!! The truck took off like a shot...i think it pulls better than in the car...maybe because of the larger torque converter. OH yes and the 4X4 works! I When i made this video...There was and still lots to do...the winter came and its to cold out, but as of today..17 feb 2010 the truck is running...i drive it everyday..but looking forward to some warmer weather....Oh !~ and i Painted the truck White! SEE PICS HERE... a lot of you asked who did the adaptor plates....If you need any info.. Call Andrea: A D Hydraulics 244 Brockport Dr #10, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, M9W-6X9 Telephone (416) 798 0929 This guy is good! Today Aug.14 2011 Two things to do to get max power from the MB Motor... Don't depend on the IP to suck fuel from the will never get proper flow...Install a Pickup Pump! Also don't forget to Advance the IP about a 25 cent width...or little more if necessary ..... One more thing..DON"T RUN UVO! it will ruin the injectors. run 50/50 Diesel and U. Transmission Fluid.

1981 Mercedes Benz W126 300SD Driving Impressions What can I say about this car after owning it for 3 years? First, it’s a very fun car to drive. This car has brought a smile to my face each and every time I drive it. It’s a car with a soul. It has it’s own character unlike the hordes of generic Japanese and Chinese cars all over Metro Manila. It’s not as common to see one. I also tend to get a lot of respect from other motorists when I drive it. Second, it has a timeless look. I still get a lot of compliments and surprised reactions on how old this car actually is. Many people mistake it for a newer model. Many also can’t believe it’s a diesel! It’s just a matter of time until this car becomes a collector classic. Third, it’s well built like a tank and is very reliable. It has never overheated or stalled on me, and the previous owner also attests this same thing. Overheating has never been an issue with W126’s. I can leave this car idling in a parking lot on a scorching hot summer day for more than an hour with the A/C turned on and the temperature gauge barely moves above 80 degrees Celsius. Fourth, it has plenty of grunt and pulls hard for a car of its size and age. Keep in mind that this is now a 35-year old car that weighs nearly 2 tons (4,000 lbs) and the engine only produces about 120hp. It is by no means a fast car especially by modern standards! But the engine is very torquey and responsive and pulls very strong in third gear and pulls all the way up to it’s maximum indicated speed on the speedometer gauge on the Skyway.. ahem! Also consider that I don’t drive this car like an old timer (clue: I’m a couple of years younger than this car). This car can still outrun about 80% of the cars on the roads of Manila today when asked to. A lot of this has to do with the engine being in excellent state of tune which I am very happy and proud of. Fifth, it wants to be driven at high speeds on an open road while still returning great fuel economy. Plus diesel costs a lot less than gasoline so it’s very cheap to run. Diesel engines, especially these old ones, become more efficient at higher engine speeds. Sixth, it handles surprisingly well for it’s size. It will out-corner more cars than you think. It has a long wheel base so it’s very stable and runs like it’s on rails even at high speed. This means it goes dead straight when you let off your hands from the steering wheel even at high speeds! It soaks up most of the bumps and potholes on the roads of Manila. The cars feels very solid over these. And uhm… you can drive through most speed humps above 40 kph like they vere nonexistent IF you have to… wink! It also has a surprisingly good turning radius due to it’s RWD layout. It’s always fun and entertaining to do tight U-turns in one maneuver with this car, especially to the shock of other cars having to do multiple point maneuvers. I have really enjoyed owning this car. Now it’s time to let it go and focus on starting a family on our own far away from home.

Before and After Monark Injector tip replacement in my 1984 300SD
A video comparison between Old Bosch vs Monark injector tip in my 1984 300SD, and Idle, Normal driving and Moderate to harsh driving conditions with the Monark injector.... If you have not changed your injector tip lately please do so you will like the result..