SL65 Vs 300SD

RENNtech SL65 AMG plays with a 300SD turbodiesel.

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MB 300D 1/4 mile at Rocky Mountain Truck Fest 2009
My 1/4 mile run at Bandimere's Cummins Rocky Mountain Truck Fest 2009. 18.912@71.78mph GT2256V VNT turbo, 15psi Boost, automatic transmission, straight pipe Exhaust

'78 300D vs. '82 300D turbodiesel
My juiced up '78 non-turbo versus a stock '82 turbodiesel.

1982 300SD Greasecar
M-B 300SD with Greasecar vegetable oil conversion. Running on a nearly-empty tank of soybean oil in this video.

Diesels On The Mountain 2015 Mercedes 300D
2015/05/30 Diesels On The Mountain R/T .110 60' 2.695 1/8 11.648 ET 18.084 MPH 76.83