2007 corvette c6 vs 2002 viper 1/4 mile

drag race a viper it was a good race,

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What a stock 2007 Corvette can do..
My dad burning out and doing donuts in his corvette. All done in the cool weather of sunny Miami, FL =) can't wait to get one of my own lol

Corvette C6 vs Mustang 5.0 Drag Race
Corvette C6 vs Mustang 5.0 Drag Race. Check out my other videos!

2007 Corvette C6 Test Drive

2007 Corvette C6 12.40 @ 114.50 MIR 12/3/08 bone stock
Proney driving his 2007 Corvette C6 12.40@114.50 MIR rental 12/3/08 The car is bone stock