Perry racing Maverick at Marion raceways first grudge race for ODRA

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turbo street car vs race car big block sleeper maverick
this is me racing my street car maverick vs a race car my car looks all stock flat hood hubcaps stock interior removable cage check out my other videos to see what it looks like it ran a 6.9 on this pass on pump gas 93 he had a better 60ft but i had the et and mph his pass was 1.53 60ft 7.12@93.9 mine was 1.62 60 ft 6.93@101.1 so he beat me by a tenth to the 60 ft mark we were dead even at 330 mark and i beat him by 2 tenths and 8 mph my mavericks setup is a stock ported head 74 model 460 with stock valves , block, crank, rocker arms, main caps, . it has a 950 carb shop blow tru carburator , torker 2 intake, .503 lift 276/286 duration hydraulic flat cam , 2500 stall dacco converter , all stock hard parts c6, jeep cherokee drive shaft , stock 8 inch with stock 300 gear stock axles 28 spline and $15 mini spool , running 26x8 inch slicks on steel wheels

70 maverick
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Maverick GT V8 - 500cv - Pedrinho Racing
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vega and mavrick round 2. mavrick gets the win.